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Rhetoric - Incredible seller but more importantly...incredible guy

  1. bigdubnick Dec 29, 2015

    I bought my first vintage Omega watch from @rhetoric (Rhett) some time ago. Every time I look at that watch, it reminds me of the amazing experience I had buying it from him. It makes the watch that much more special.

    As fate would have it, I bought my wife's first vintage watch from this very same man this past month. She had been spying the Seamaster 600 I bought from Rhett which gave me the great idea to buy the lovely 40's Revery from him.

    Start and finish, with every conversation in between, I felt like Rhett lived down the street and was taking care of me - you'd have never known we live half a world apart. This is the kind of seller people are talking about when they say "Buy the seller, not the watch".

    My wife is now a very happy vintage watch owner and it looks great on her:

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  2. rhetoric Dec 29, 2015

    Thanks Nick. Always a pleasure to correspond with you.