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Recent Omega watch purchase, looking for information.

  1. jwagner720

    jwagner720 Jul 8, 2015

    First time poster, long time reader - I've always loved watches, and the Omega line, and found an Omega at a thrift store recently - I was hoping someone on this forum would have a little info? I brought it to a local jeweler here in Scottsdale AZ and they immediately offered to purchase it for $100, claiming it needed about $250-300 in work and it was worth potentially $500 in perfect condition... I am not an expert, but from what I could see on the inside it was very clean and the watch held almost perfect time - after 24 hours it was maybe off by ~30 seconds or so. I asked him what year it was, and he informed me it was from the 50's. I asked him what model it was, and he told me it was from before Omega started naming watches like Seamaster or anything. I don't want to get rid of the watch, as it is in very good condition and works perfectly, I am just really curious what I've found. If anyone on this forum could offer me insight or information I would be greatly appreciatiave :)

    On the back cover it has Omega Watch Co with the design inside a triangle, underneath that "Ross" then Y6301, then 10k G F Bezel then Stainless Steel Back, then 1289787, then in red appearing handwritten it is CH? 3-11-93 (assuming the last service)...

    On the movement it is OMEGA SWISS SEVENTEEN 17 JEWELS, on another section it is the omega symbol and 286, (286 caliber?), then another sequence is 20161094.

    Hopefully these marking mean something to another reader who can help me determine if I have something rare or run-of-the-mill...

    Thank you everyone in advance!!!
    IMG_1867.JPG IMG_1868.JPG IMG_1869.JPG IMG_1870.JPG IMG_1871.JPG IMG_1872.JPG
  2. Geordie

    Geordie Jul 8, 2015