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  1. jimmyd13

    jimmyd13 Jun 17, 2019

    My watch-elf has dropped me a message to say another watch ticks and breathes:
    Now, this is an oversized gold tank - about 20x50mm dating to 1924. Bought as a non_runner the case houses a Tavannes movement:
    The case is actually double hinged: the back folds out and then the carrier for the movement folds out again. I bought the watch for three reasons: it was well priced; it is signed for a jeweller in Doncaster; and, I've seen the same watch before.

    At least, I thought I had. I got to see its "brother" again this weekend and realised I had mis-remembered it. The other watch (sorry, no photo) has the same gold case and the same hinge mechanism but it houses an undecorated Aegler 15j movement.

    This has got me thinking: at the time, didn't Rolex have a exclusivity deal with Rebburg? With the exception of some movements going to Gruen in the US, am I right in recalling that only Rolex used that movement?

    Annoyingly, the second watch is unsigned.

    Now, I've read around on the net as far as I can so does anyone have concrete dates and info on who was using these movements in the mid 20s?