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  1. Khoila

    Khoila May 23, 2020 3:44pm

    Hello,i am here once again and need your guys help on pricing of a vintage seamaster deville cal 563. i have been looking for a lot of options here and there about the seamaster deville or the seamaster 600. In term of pricing, what are the good price that i should be looking at when buying these watches. My budget is around 7 to 800 dollars for a clean looking vintage watch, is it do-able? (i don't worry too much if the watch has been redialed, as long as it is authentic)

    As i came across this watch, it was listed on ebay for 895, it is a little above my budget but what im more concern about is, does that watch really worth that much? What are your thoughts?
    Thank you
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