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  1. DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Jun 20, 2020

    You don’t need a vest or a three piece suit to wear a pocket watch. You know that little pocket on your jeans that you maybe use for pocket change? This fifth pocket was actually introduced in the 1800’s as a protective sleeve for a pocket watch. Most jeans are still being produced with these pockets.

    Inspired by my watchmaker’s lament that he couldn’t find a good looking & quality lanyard, I went looking but my search turned up empty too. So I taught myself leathercraft and went through a number of design prototypes. I am really honoured to now offer you these 100% hand-crafted leather pocket watch lanyards. If, like me, you want a rugged, useful and good-looking lanyard that can be swapped throughout your pocket watch collection, then you will appreciate these.


    • Custom handmade with quality full-grain leather in Vancouver, BC Canada

    • Lanyards come with either antiqued brass, black or gun metal hardware. The lanyards are handmade, so let me know how you want yours finished

    • The colour and finish of the leather will patina nicely with wear

    • The pocket watch loop opens for you. How cool is that! You can swap out different pocket watches, or put your watch away for storage

    • I think that the flagship of this lanyard’s design is the mystery braid that’s woven in. The braid looks awesome, and you will enjoy confusing people as they wonder how this single piece of leather can possibly have a braid in the middle. Very cool. The braided section also provides a soft, flexible yet strong transition between the two loops

    • Another important advantage that lanyards have is that they will not stretch your watch’s bow or scratch the watch like metal clasps on chains can

    • Lanyards measure apx 13" long (32.5cm) by ½” (12.5mm) wide. As these are all cut, woven and finished by hand, sizes may vary slightly

    • Nicely fits a 1 1/2" belt

    • The leather keepers are glued & hand-stitched to stay put

    • Your lanyard will ship in its own presentation box with a natural cotton storage pouch

    • These lanyards are perfect for your railroader pocket watch, or any size 16 or larger watch. Some smaller watches might suit, it depends on how much room you have in the watch’s bow. At some point I’ll get back to some sheepskin lanyards that will suit all pocket watches, including the size 12 gentlemen’s watches.

    • I also sell these on Etsy. Since outside links aren’t allowed in the for sale section here, feel encouraged to send me a message if you have questions. I’d also be happy to send you to my Etsy site for more photos.

    Your investment:

    • These handmade lanyards are $89 CDN, worldwide shipping included (see above)

    • Discount for forum members when purchasing directly from me (not through Etsy). Message me for details

    • 15% discount on orders of two or more shipped to the same address

    References & Testimonials:

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    belt loop end.jpg
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  2. DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Oct 19, 2020

    November 2020 update:

    Ohh, I’ve got some new colours in now. Some blue, forest green, burgundy, and a rich brown and espresso will be ready soon. Sourced from super-high-quality remnants, colours are available for a limited time

    Edited Dec 4, 2020
  3. DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Dec 4, 2020

    Cheeky holiday shopping push :whistling:

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  4. DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Feb 8, 2021

    Hands up if you have a pocket watch with plum coloured hands ::popcorn::

    At my local leather shop I picked up a tiny remnant of some gorgeous, soft, distressed purple leather. It was just enough product to make one lanyard. If you have a pocket watch with plum hands, wouldn’t they look great together :cool: Let me know if you want to take home this one of a kind lanyard

    F7418449-4226-4C88-8802-89D1B80997C6.jpeg 4B15DA98-76AE-4127-85C0-BA0AD4119489.jpeg