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  1. DLT222 Double D @ ΩF Staff Member Mar 6, 2017

    Please read this entire section, it is all very important.

    These rules are in place to provide a better trading experience for everyone.

    Whilst we want to keep the forum as open as possible we have to introduce these measures to safe guard our community from scammers. While we understand these measures might frustrate a few members they are for the overall good of the forum and are in place to protect not just us all, but the reputation and integrity of this great forum.

    Requirements to list or Post Replies in the Private Sales Section:

    • Minimum post count of 200 posts is now required to post in ANY of the sales forums. These are expected to be normal contributing posts, attempts at "post farming" will get the offender banned
    • Keep all communication to through PM in respect to a deal rather than email. You can of course openly discuss the item in question publicly , but not in the sales post . Such discussions are to be respectful and non-accusatory. Serious concerns should be directed in reports to staff.

    Ads NOT following these guidelines will be deleted immediately.
    • Include 3 (or more) current photos that are at least 1024 pixels wide. Bigger is better and will sell your item
    • Photos should only be hosted on Omega Forums, not Photobucket or other services
    • Photos should be of the actual watch in your possession only.
    • Include a price, (including currency ie. USD/EUR/AUD) and a description. A realistic buy it now price must be included. ALL relevant info and specifications must be within your ad.
    • Only one watch per sales thread
    • Absolutely NO fakes or "homage" (mimic) watches
    • Linking to your eBay auction is OK, provided the above conditions are met first. Linking to your eBay auctions in non watch sales threads is not OK.
    • Please state if you accept returns
    • DO NOT DELETE THE LISTING OR THE PRICE WHEN SOLD - It is used for reference for sellers and buyers alike. It will be reinstated if deleted
    • A Link to 2 recent feedback on sales or purchases when listing a watch, part of WTB thread should you have feedback.
    • Keep all communication to PM in respect to a deal rather than email. Do not list phone or What'sapp info.. You can of course openly discuss the item in question publicly.
    • NO SALES ON BEHALF OF A FREIND - This is because should an issue arise and it gets messy, you the seller are at fault not the guy whose watch it is. Should it also get lost in transit and funds have been exchanged from you to your friend, will he give the buyer his cash back. You The lister are fully responsible for any watch sale that you list. No one else.

    Listing & BUMPING of your thread:

    I am finding my self more and more these days deleting bumps by sellers on multiple threads in the sales sections only to find they re add the bump later. This is not acceptable and the advert will be deleted and not reinstated even if you ask.
    • There is a limit of ONE thread, OR ONE bump, or one post, per day (24 hours) (regardless of number of watches listed) on the Private Watch Sales forum per person, use consideration.
    • Listing a watch and bumping a watch is not permitted.
    • Marking an item SOLD or OHPF is not classed as a bump but a simple update to the listing, these will be allowed
    • These are already assigned in the title bar, all you have to do is click 'no prefix' and select the correct one. We do not want to see the words 'For Sale/Wanted OR no prefix at all. Other members can select the correct prefix which means you can too. See here for how to do it
    Paying for an item.

    Please note: is not responsible for any losses you may incur.

    • Payment through PayPal is recommended & which must be a verified account (with the exception of respected dealers where a bank transfer can be done) the two parties will have to agree of the fee's. REMEMBER Gift payments cannot be recalled once sent.
    • Bank Transfer - Be cautious, do your research on the seller before parting with your hard earned cash.
    • We cannot help you reclaim any monies lost. Please contact your local law enforcement.
    • Please contact us if you feel someone is suspicious we will look in to the member in question.

    Exemption to post in the sales section


    What is not tolerated at all!
    • Using other peoples photos in ANY advert is strictly prohibited & will mean the advert being pulled and your selling privileges revoked and a possible ban.
    • Public bashing of someones price. Remember its their item and they can sell it for whatever price they deem fit or they think its worth regardless if you/we agree its worth that.
    Leaving feedback.
    • We have a seller/buyer feedback section here have a look for your seller/buyer feedback if you are unsure on the person, you can also ask the forum if anyone has experience in dealing with that person.
    • When a transaction is completed leave feedback as a seller and a buyer, it helps the forum know who is good and bad.
    • If you have any concerns or a dispute about previous dealings and description accuracy, promises, shipping, etc that can be brought up in the seller feedback section. Please do not post this in the regular forums.
    • Slander is not permitted, neither is violence or abusive language - A ban will follow.
    Other points

    If you need to reach out to any forum moderator please feel free to do so with any questions you might have.

    Thank you for reading and understanding.

    Oddboy is not allowed to sell posts.
    The OF Team.
    Edited Sep 5, 2018
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  2. DLT222 Double D @ ΩF Staff Member Nov 29, 2017



    Please do not message me if the thread you took time to write has been deleted because you never read the sales rules.

    I do not have time to tell each individual of the rules, I am and have been for a while just deleting the thread. It will not be re-instated after deletion so you will have to make a new thread the following day.

    There are some repeat offenders of this rule, they won't be named but if it carries on I will revoke the access to list a watch for sale.
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  3. DLT222 Double D @ ΩF Staff Member Sep 5, 2018


    There is no longer a 200 post rules exemption even if feedback is supplied. So in short, to sell here you need to contribute to the forum some what, rather than post a few times, then ask for exemption, sell a watch and leave.

    Why has this changed?

    This has changed to safeguard you from being fleeced out of your hard earned money no matter how big or small the amount is. As scammers adjust how they attempt to scam people we also have to adjust how we tackle it.

    In recent months we've had members that have lifetime bans creating new memberships through means of VPN etc, that pretend to be someone else which is fraud in its self. To catch these people out we have to put hours of work in, its like being a detective.

    We also simply have people that come and post a few times, ask for exemption, sell a watch and leave. We are not eBay, we are a group of like minded individuals who share a passion not just in watches but other things, which we need to protect.

    As mods, we are inundated with requests which ALL need to be looked at, verified and decided if they 'qualify' to sell on here. Please remember, we do not get paid huge sums of cash, we do it for love, which takes endless hours out of our day, family time and even holiday time.

    Please understand why we have taken this step.

    The mod team :)
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