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  1. Connie628

    Connie628 Oct 13, 2016

    I was wondering if anyone has any insight on this... All I know is my grandmother received this watch as a present from her first husband, it is from the 40's or 50's, can't be any later than that, as they were divorced in 1958. I can't find any exactly like it online, I am going to take it to an antique watch jeweler next week, I don't want to mess it up in any way by taking the back off. Any info on it would be much appreciated!
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. efauser

    efauser I ♥ karma!!! Oct 14, 2016

    You have answered some of the questions in this link but pay special attention to the photos section. Once you have those, you'll be able to do some research and then we'll be able to answer further questions. Let me say, however, that being a woman's watch, it has little collector value.