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Phillips Withdraws Ultraman from May Hong Kong

  1. Spacefruit

    Spacefruit Prolific Speedmaster Hoarder May 17, 2019

    lot 1123 has disappeared from the site. It was a fair looking Ultraman with an extract. What happened I wonder?

    Link to the sale is here

    Link to each lot is in the text:

    There is a nice one owner black racing,very interesting to me, however it is without extract - this is not uncommon with these and not all black racing dials will get an extract, especially the painted logo versions from experience.


    and a 2915-2 which is less nice than most sold in recent auctions. It is estimated around $100,000 and it is actually not bad - not a perfect watch but has the right bits and may be worth owning at a reasonable (for a 2915!) price. I would not bid on this without inspecting it.


    There is also this 105.012.
    Clearly seen CB facet lines, not a bad looking watch at first glance.

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  2. maecenas

    maecenas May 17, 2019

    Can’t say for certain, but often times a private buyer has made a deal with the house to purchase it outright. Could be a lot of other things, too, but that happens quite a bit...
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  3. Cad290

    Cad290 May 17, 2019

    Perhaps the result from the Ultraman in Geneva caused the seller to pull out?? The 2915-2 in Geneva failed to sell, I think the bidding only got up to 30k. I’m interested in that racing dial as well, and there’s a nice speedymoon and a golden panda in the auction
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  4. Dero13

    Dero13 4 watches. All set to the wrong time. May 29, 2019

    The racing only went for 50K USD. Did anyone see it in the flesh? Curious why it went so low - looked good to me.