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  1. hitrandrei

    hitrandrei Mar 28, 2018

    Hello everyone

    I'm very new here and looking for my first omega watch. Have been reading on to understand more of the movement but i still dont get it.

    The one i want is the mark IV but i have been given a good offer on a Speedy 176.012 whit Cal 1045 (Lemania 5100)

    in terms of quality of the movement, jewel amount what would you prefer?
  2. Foo2rama

    Foo2rama Keeps his worms in a ball instead of a can. Mar 28, 2018

    Quality of movement, and service costs should be broadly the same.

    Jewel count is somewhat meaningless in this instance. Jewels are used as bearings/bushings to protect against wear, in the case of these 2 watches it is not a factor.

    If deciding between the 2 if you are sold on that case style, would be price and condition of both pieces. As well as personal preference to the dial layout.

    Your looking at the Lemania 1340 vs the 5100. They are both considered to be broadly in the same family. Yes the Omega version of the 1340 carried 4 more jewels then the base lemania, but I'd not take that into consideration in regards to choosing one over the other. this article is a bit misleading and worded oddly esp in its use of the word "derivatives" not making much sense as it implies one came before the other, then switches and says the opposite.

    FYI there are some pretty specific things you look for on these cases to judge value. Many have been over polished and have very thin lugs.
    Edited Mar 29, 2018
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