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  1. Brunix

    Brunix Oct 8, 2018

    Hello all, and thank you for accepting me into this community.
    This is my first post, although I am a long time forum follower. :)

    I am the proud owner of an around 1990 Speedmaster, and I have just noticed a peculiar thing about its case.
    If you look at the right side, near to the crown and pushers, you may notice that the case is a little bit "larger" than usual. In particular, the polished, sloped part seems to be smaller than previous or successive Speedmaster models.

    I do not think this the result of overpolishing, since the case has in fact more metal in that section than the others. Also, I have found some other Speedmasters from the same age with the same characteristic.

    Have you ever noticed this? Is it something which might be peculiar to some references, or years?

    Thank you in advance,

    My Speedmaster (circa 1990)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Another Speedmaster from the same years showing the same case

    A more recent Speedmaster
  2. kov

    kov Oct 8, 2018

    Hello and welcome ;)

    That's what I would call a rectified case :) nothing particularly bad, happened to most of them during service :p