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Omega Speedmaster 3523.80 in pictures

  1. Lostpuppy116 Mar 29, 2020

    Hi, this is my first real foray into photography (no formal training and it shows) and I have taken a selection of pictures of my first Omega, the 3523.80. Photos were taken with a Lumix FZ300 and it did most of the work. No photoshop of any pictures, so it shows ALL the dirt and grit that I thought I was able to clean off. Some of the dirt is corrosion on the hands that to my naked eye (20/25 vision) are not visible, until I really zoom in on the photo.

    It is not terribly expensive as Omegas go and it is more than a few forum members first watch. As it was my first watch, I thought it fitting for my first photo array to be with my first Omega. The watch is one of the Speedmaster reduced cases and uses the 1151 movement (based on the Valjoux 7751) giving it about a 44 hour reserve with both manual and automatic winding. It is sometimes referred to as a day-date or a triple-date as it displays the month as well. Water resistance is at 50 meters and is steel on steel with a sapphire crystal. At about the 10 o'clock position on the case is the pusher to advance the day (Monday, Tuesday) of the week. To advance the month and date, the crown is pulled out one position and the second position is used to adjust the time back and forth. The watch has a 24 hour indicator at the 9 o'clock position and the seconds hand also at that position. At the 12 o'clock position is a 30 minute dial and a 12 hour dial at the 6 o'clock position. These dials are used with the chronometer feature that is started and stopped at the 2 o'clock position and the 4 o'clock pusher is used to reset the large seconds hand that is attached to the center of the dial. The case dimension is 39 mm, the lug to lug is 44.7 mm and the inside lug dimension 18mm. The tachymetre is polished with the units of measure that are engraved into the tachymetre bezel. This example dates to 2001 as the year of production.

    This watch was purchased used and I have worn it daily for over a year now, so you will see desk diving and dirt build-up in some of the photos to follow. I am not able to remove the caseback, so there will be no pictures of the movement. In the year the bracelet buckle with the Omega symbol on it has become snagged a time or two on clothing and other items. Not a real problem, but something to keep in mind. Another issue I faced with this watch is that the large seconds hand stopped resetting to 12 o'clock not long after I bought the watch. The problem was that as I used the chrono function to time hearings and other events, it would "creep" forward after each reset. As in the hand started at 12 o'clock and would reset to 12:01, then 12:03, then 12:10 etc... It would not reset to 12 on it's own. A trip to the watch repair guy fixed that and it works fine, but I stopped using the chrono feature.

    For all the other 3523.80 folks out there, here is some love for a great watch. Thank you for your time.
    P1000008.JPG P1000009.JPG P1000011.JPG P1000012.JPG P1000014.JPG P1000015.JPG P1000016.JPG P1000017.JPG P1000019.JPG P1000020.JPG P1000022.JPG P1000023.JPG P1000024.JPG P1000025.JPG
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