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  1. elara2105 May 28, 2022

    Greetings to all the members of the forum.

    I offer for sale my Omega f300Hz, caliber 1250, reference 198.001, circa 1972, has recent service carried out by John Shultz in Michigan.

    The watch is working at 100%, I am asking for $700 dollars, reasonable offers are welcome, the watch is located in Mexico.

    Shipping through Dhl, FedEx, UPS, etc., would have an additional cost of approximately 40-50 dollars.

    The payment would be through Paypal depending on the final price I could absorb the commissions.

    Thanks OF for the space and Thanks for looking.

    F08CE199-2607-4735-8618-F74681C8C446.jpeg 1506C396-CBED-4C05-9E57-50F2E6F00884.jpeg F9DBD57E-686C-4E9A-BE97-18FF4FC91659.jpeg 960A740D-9E2B-489C-80BD-5F9F46BAC078.jpeg 048BABD2-E6C9-48D3-A694-65B0FEABC11C.jpeg EC79F28D-E8E0-4DBA-B7E1-75072848BDA9.jpeg F4DF7C26-0AAF-41EB-858A-C9697E8931B2.jpeg 08608063-E7DC-45AC-98E3-22283E895091.jpeg AE6AE594-93F6-4078-83DD-44F81C87D19B.jpeg 4275C7C9-BAB9-4240-A89A-9987CB9B3021.jpeg