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Omega Constellation pie pan Ref. 167.005 from eBay - any comments?

  1. fmatre

    fmatre Jul 31, 2017


    My first post on omegaforums.

    I have just bought this watch from eBay, so its to late to regret it :)
    Just need some second eyes to see if this item seems authentic? Dial, lugs, too polished? I know the strap is not original, I have been looking for a original constellation pie pan in steel, no repaint, original crown and crystal and came over this item for a week ago. I have not received it yet, so picture attached is from the seller. I have trouble seeing the omega logo on the crystal, could be the picture quality or do you think the crystal is non-authentic?
    I paid 1200USD for the watch + 25%VAT since I'm located in Norway.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    info.png s-l1600-2.jpg s-l1600-3.jpg s-l1600-4.jpg s-l1600-5.jpg s-l1600-6.jpg s-l1600-7.jpg s-l1600-8.jpg

    Best regards from a newbie in the vintage world :)
    Edited Jul 31, 2017
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  2. Edward53

    Edward53 Jul 31, 2017

    Looks original to me, polished but I've seen worse. Can't see whether there is a logo on the crystal.
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