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SOLD NOS Omega Speedmaster 3597.13 Missions: Apollo IX Full Set

  1. Speedmasterfan88

    Speedmasterfan88 Aug 8, 2019

    HI OF,

    up for sale is a timecapsule taking you back to 1998: a NOS Speedmaster Ref. 3597.13, aka. one of the Missions Speedmasters, this particular reference commemorates the Apollo IX Mission from March 1969 in which the astronauts James A. McDivitt, David R. Scott and Russel L. Schweickart took part in.
    Main focus of the Mission was to test the lunar module, which would subsequently land on the Moon during the famous Apollo 11 Mission in July of 1969.

    Foto 08.08.19, 11 22 11.jpg

    The Basics:

    Reference: 3597.13.00
    Caliber: 1861
    Bracelet: 1499/842
    Crystal: Hesalite
    Production: ca. 1997-1998
    Limitation: 100-150 pcs. world wide
    Condition: NOS
    Box and Papers: Yes

    The Condition:

    The watches condition is truly NOS. The blue protective gue is still partly attached to the lugs, and only flaked of on the bottom left lug as it became sort of brittle over the last 22 years. There are onyl the faintest hairline scratches present on some parts of the bracelet, not worth mentioning actually but I want to disclose everything as thorough as possible. I guess you could describe this as "wear" caused by taking it in and out of the box for visual inspection during the last 22 years.
    Foto 08.08.19, 10 37 45.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 34 05.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 38 41.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 39 15.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 40 23.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 40 43.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 41 53.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 42 11.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 44 55.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 45 47.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 10 55 27.jpg

    The protective sticker is still attached at the caseback with the code and movement number, the caseback is also still protected by the blue gue factory seal. The red wax seal is still visible, although it seems like the watch was openend in the past, as the wax dots missalign slightly. I have not opened the watch while it was in my possession.
    Foto 08.08.19, 11 00 18.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 05 31.jpg

    The outer Box is in very good condition. The special Missions Box is also in very good condition, the only downside is a bit of pealing of the inner material and minimal yellowing of the glue on the bottom of the outside of the Box, but that is a well known thing with old Omega boxes and to be expected.
    Foto 08.08.19, 11 15 12.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 15 31.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 15 44.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 18 45.jpg

    I gave the watch one full wind just to check if it is running porperly and function as it should. The winding is smooth and the chrono resets to zero. After that I refrained from winding the watch.
    I would recommend, should you intend to wear this collector piece, to have the movement serviced.

    I let the pictures speak about the condition from here on:

    Foto 08.08.19, 11 03 32.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 04 14.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 04 21.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 08 30.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 11 20.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 11 26.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 02 59.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 17 40.jpg Foto 08.08.19, 11 17 59.jpg

    Why am I selling?

    To be honest this is a catch and release for me. I have two vintage Speedmasters that I love dearly and wear regularly. At this point in life, pouring every cent I have towards my path to self employment, I can't afford the luxury to have a NOS collectors Item just to admire from time to time.
    There are other collectors out there who are able to enjoy ( or wear) such a Speedmaster way more than I do.

    Sales Terms:

    Payment by Bankwire! [or Paypal (F&F) for established members of this forum!]
    No returns, except if the item is not genuine or if I grossly misrepresented something about the item.
    The pictures are part of the description, so please take a close look at them (click to enlarge).

    Price and shipping:

    7225 € / 8100 $, net to me.

    I'm always open to offers, but please be reasonable.

    F2F in the Frankfurt area in Germany is possible and always appreciated :) .

    Shipping within the EU is included. I will ship with InteX private courier service, fully insured.
    World wide shipping is possible, at the buyers cost, please contact me beforehand so we can work something out.
    Please note: I will not ship the watch uninsured outside the EU and I will not write any bogus amount on the tax form if you reside outside the EU.

    Last but not least:

    If you have any questions about the watch, want additional pictures or further information just shoot me a pm. I'm always up for a chat.

    Thanks for the space OF, and thanks in advance for any interest.

    Some of my feedback as a seller here:


    Edited Aug 8, 2019
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  2. Speedmasterfan88

    Speedmasterfan88 Aug 10, 2019

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  3. Speedmasterfan88

    Speedmasterfan88 Aug 16, 2019

    Sold for 7.150€ and stays within the family!

    Thanks OF for the space!


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