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  1. kusjoe78

    kusjoe78 May 23, 2017


    I am being offered a gold cap Omega 562 ref 14701-1 locally. I was told by the seller that all parts are original and as intended and he asked for around USD750.

    I am still new in collecting vintage watch and would really appreciate all inputs.

    1. machine serial 17295807

    2. Dial looks good on untrained eyes (mine), is this a Redial? Does the dial fits the year of the machine?
    IMG-20170524-WA0005.jpg IMG-20170524-WA0002.jpg IMG-20170524-WA0006.jpg

    Thank you. Appreciate all inputs.
  2. michael22

    michael22 May 23, 2017

    I am very suspicious of the dial & hands. Is there lume in the hands, or just a rectangular gap? Seamaster has a thick script.
    The tightly cropped pics make the watch look good, while hiding much of it.

    Black dials have reached some high prices recently, & some have commented there seem to be more on the market than ever were made. But I don't think anybody knows how many were made.

    I am not expert, but am suspicious of the watch. Better pics, or seeing in person would be helpful.
  3. kusjoe78

    kusjoe78 May 24, 2017

    Thank you for the input, I have brought the watch to my trusted watch maker and he told me that most probably its a redial since the fonts and 'calendar' text was mostly found on earlier cal...503 and the thin S in seamaster does not goes well with the year of the machine.

    Will pass on this and thank you
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  4. Gordon Heavyfoot

    Gordon Heavyfoot May 24, 2017

    I know you said you passed but do you happen to have any straight-on pics of the dial? I think it's an attractive watch, I used to own a 14701. I agree that the Seamaster looks a bit thick at first glance. I believe the hands are wrong too (should be dauphine) and the crown as well. Imo, they actually look better than dauphine. Interestingly though, the lume looks like appropriately aged radium. Serial number is fine for this watch. Can't tell from that angle if the minute markers and hour indices are even and spaced. It's been awhile since I sold my example on and I can't find a pic at the moment to confirm but I believe it did not have the "Calendar" designation on the dial. Not sure if this is true in all cases.