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  1. Vron

    Vron Oct 1, 2013

    I recently bought a beautiful 1950's 14k Solid gold Omega. Presumably the case, bracelet and movement everything is original. Both case and bracelet are solid 14k. Seller claimed it's all original heirloom and has never been restored.

    But i have noticed that the watch runs toooooo fast.. :( and needs some oiling/cleaning. My watchmaker says it also may need a new coil or balance.
    Crown is not original Omega (I've asked my watchmaker to source one for me)
    The watch weighs 41.4 grams total (case, bracelet and movement combined).
    and 36.1 grams (case and bracelet)

    Movement has an omega symbol with 620 written under it. It also says Omega watch swiss, adjusted to 2 positions, 17 jewels. It's a manual wind. I have attached the pic of the movement.
    Bracelet is well kept and does not show any cracks or much wear.
    Dial seems to have some moisture damage, something expected from a watch so old....i will probably not get it restored and maintain its orginality... :)
    I am thinking of replacing the crystal as it seems to be well used and scratched...

    It fits my wrist perfectly and I love the fact that it's so slim...
    I would have been more happy if the dial was a tad bit bigger.
    But I'm sure I'll love wearing it under the suit...

    I am new watch enthusiast and can use any guidance...looking to learn more...what do you think is a decent price to pay for it?

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  2. UncleBuck

    UncleBuck understands the decision making hierarchy Oct 1, 2013

    Welcome Vron !
    Would you have a picture of the inside of the caseback and higher resolution pictures? Always investigate before you invest !
    Your action plan for the watch is perfect. Maintain originality, as you said, please specify Omega crystal, crown and parts. Don't place too much stock in what the seller tells you and find out everything for yourself.
  3. ulackfocus

    ulackfocus Oct 1, 2013

    If it's a caliber 620 it can't be from the 50's. The integrated bracelet is another tip off that it's probably from the late 60's or later. The serial number on the edge of movement to the left of OMEGA will tell us what year it was made.
  4. Vron

    Vron Oct 1, 2013

    My apologies, I thought i edited it out...
    It's not a 50''s actually a 1965 manufactured piece...
    I got it checked by my watchmaker...he said the crown was not original....everything else it.
    Dial has never been retouched...inside scribe says it was last services in 93....
    it's really dry but no it's in good health and can be brought to life... :)

    I have attached the picture of the back casing.

    Here is the link from Omega database...