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My 145.022-69's chrono second hand is confounding me!

  1. irate.alien

    irate.alien Sep 17, 2017

    Hi! I bought a Speedy from a friend of mine who's a pretty serious collector. I'm trying to figure out if the chrono second hand is a replacement/not authentic and whether I should try to get it replaced.

    Basically, my buddy is nuts and bought several 145.022 cal. 861 from the late 60s - early 70s. I bought one of the ones he didn't like. It needed some work, e.g. the minute hand on the chrono didn't reset at zero. So I got it serviced and cleaned up.

    I've figured out it's a ST 145.022-69 pre-moon with the following characteristics (based on the Moonwatch Only book):
    - printed Omega logo
    - tritium indexes
    - step dial
    - no medalion
    - Seahorse caseback
    - bezel: dot over 90, no 220 error

    And that's consistent with the serial number: 30.580.7XX. Probably produced in 1970 (might go to my local Omega boutique and ask them to help me order the archive extract--which apparently you can't order straight off the internet in the US!)

    But, I'm getting confused over the chronograph second hand. It's straight--doesn't have the little bulb at the end. In the photo, I advanced it a little so it's easier to see against the background of the dial.

    Anyone know about those hands? If it's not consistent with that model, I'll start looking for a replacement. I'd guess that if someone was messing around with it, they'd put the second hand with the bulb in, making it more likely that the straight one is original, but that characteristic is bugging me. Or if someone knows a thread on here that goes into this issue, please just point me to it. I did a couple of searches but I don't know the terminology to describe the different shaped hands.

    IMG_0985.JPG IMG_0999.JPG IMG_1001.JPG
  2. ATWG

    ATWG Sep 17, 2017

    You are correct, that is not the correct Chrono hand for your watch. Here is my '69 for reference.
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  3. oddboy

    oddboy Zero to Grail+2998 In Six Months Sep 17, 2017

  4. arcadelt

    arcadelt Sep 17, 2017

    It looks like a straight hand that you might see on 1969-70 Speedmaster Racing or an Ultraman, but different in that it is not straight for its entire length because it has a circular hub (if that's what that bit is called) where it attaches to the shaft...and because it is white. Not sure what that suggests.