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Longines with Flying Cloud Clipper Ship medallion back?

  1. Giovanni2023 Nov 14, 2023

    I'm looking for a Longiness with the Flying Cloud Clipper Ship on the back. I can't seem to find information about which references or collections feature it.

    I found these two for sale as examples with the medallion back I'm looking for, but not sure if they are only for this reference only. It's listed as Longines Flagship Ref. 3418 "Big Ship" 9k Gold, 1967

    Also, found another one here, described as:

    Collection: Flagship
    Model Name: Three Stars
    Reference Number: 3418

    Both are pretty expensive. I wonder if there is a GF'd version for less? Are they rare? I can't find one on Ebay.
  2. Waltesefalcon Nov 14, 2023

    That raised ship that you are showing in your post is the one from the gold Flagship. The stainless Flagship has an engraved ship. Some also had an enamel medallion. We may luck out and someone more knowledgeable will come along and contribute.

    long 05.jpg
    Edited Nov 14, 2023