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Longines Flagship 18K, circa 1960

  1. argonbeam

    argonbeam Oct 12, 2019 5:28pm

    Another watch I have never worn due to other gold dress watches I usually wear.
    Flagship in 18K gold with caliber 340 movement. Caseback is bare because was intended as a presentation watch where engravings, etc, could be put on the back.
    35 mm case width. Original crown with Longines logo worn down. Generic Teju band included. Everything works just fine but I am unsure of last service, so wouldn't hurt. Will thrown in some various original Longines part for this movement, as I will no longer have a 34X movement if I sell this.
    Watch is pretty flawless for a circa 1960 watch. I originally purchased this from @yako54 along with another watch when he sold a lot of his Longines.
    I am asking $1200 USD, shipping and paypal fees included for CONUS. International shipping is usually about $15 dollars last time I shipped to Europe, but will have to update if sale commences.
    Thank you for looking and PM me with any questions.

    flagship1.jpg flagship 2.jpg IMG_1508.jpg flagship 4.jpg
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