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@kaisiang098 is a great seller!

  1. PI2016

    PI2016 Apr 8, 2019

    I had the pleasure of purchasing a Beads of Rice bracelet for my ‘67 Seamaster from @kaisiang098

    Great communication and overall information about the bracelet in the Omega Forum messaging. Not to mention, detailed shipping info during shipment.

    Kai and I also were able to troubleshoot a shipping glitch between Singapore Post and USPS, here in the states. Once the package arrives stateside, Singapore Post stops tracking the package, while USPS (for whatever reason beyond me) also doesn’t track the package! Takes about a week for the package to arrive once it’s processed in the US. In the future, I’ll probably pay extra for DHL, just for the peace of mind of tracking!

    All in all, great transaction! Would buy from Kai again!
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