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Just picked up my first... Guitar

  1. Majork

    Majork May 13, 2020

    Even though having played Piano when I was little, I've never made it far with any instrument. My mom bought me a guitar when I was just a kid and I've never played it, even though I loved the instrument.

    However, I turned out to be a music nut. I need to listen to music compulsively. Having listened to all kinds of genres over the years, I've developed a distinct taste. Music helps me to work through my emotions. I never listen to it incidentally and every genre triggers different emotions.

    So turns out my second born is kinda like me. Still being a toddler, he loves music. He loves to listen to, sing and dance and he recognizes the songs I listen to a lot.

    Which lead to a Covid-19 induced, spontaneous guitar buy. I want to learn to play it, so I can bond over it with my son and give him an inspiration to express his own love for music.

    It's a Fender CC- 60 western style guitar.
    A few days into playing and I lost the feel in my left finger tips. I teach myself through YouTube courses and it's a lot of fun so far. Will need to take lessons though once Covid-19 has calmed a bit more.

    Now I'm not browsing watches but guitars and guitar accessories.

    Any other guitar lovers on here. What's your story and progress?

    My nightly listener:
    Please make it through the whole song...

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  2. Jantar

    Jantar May 13, 2020

    Might want to read this thread:

    I’ve got a few guitars but they are all on loan to buddy whose recording right now. The only one I have currently at my disposal is this ‘63 Guild, which happens to be my favorite. I’ve written more songs on this one than any other and it is definitely my go to guitar.

    Edited May 13, 2020
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  3. Walrus

    Walrus May 13, 2020

    Bass player here but also have a acoustic guitar. I have a few basses my favorite is a 1970 guild. Started playing when I was 15 got into a Grateful Dead cover band and played many bars and clubs in my state. It was always strange walking out on the stage and hear people cheering. I’d always look around thinking maybe someone famous showed up at the place. Had loads of fun, expanded from mainly Grateful Dead to Beatles, blues, throw in some modern stuff and when the crowd got to a certain point of intoxication you play roadhouse blues as the doors played it. Always made you seem better than we were. At my previous job I was working on some heavy equipment and my coworker list hold of a couple hundred pound shaft I got two fingers crushed between the metal shaft and a concrete floor. Couldn’t pick up the bass for a while. I’m relearning how to play without using the ring finger on my left hand. It’s coming ok just gotta get speed down. I still have one surgery to go that I had put off but had it scheduled then when the virus hit it got cancelled. It’s ok now though, I just play for fun. Even if I don’t get back to where I was it’s all good. As long as I have fun and I’ve figured out working the fret board holding back one finger is very possible. Anyway didn’t mean to turn it into a bummer, I’m not complaining I’m just explaining my guitar story. Use caution though guitar collecting can become just as addicting and expensive as watches. I hope you stick with it, it’s a lot of fun. Learn those chord progressions and twelve bar blues. You can get to the point where you sit down and jam with anyone. My biggest regret is not buying a Hofner bass, it’s that bass that has a violin shaped body that McCartney played with the Beatles and still uses it, that was my grail bass and I never got it.

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  4. Njnjcfp88

    Njnjcfp88 May 13, 2020

    Picked up a Deering 5 string open back banjo. Never played any string instrument- I figured a decent time to pick up a new hobby. Gonna attempt to learn a bluegrass three finger pick style ...
  5. hmss007

    hmss007 May 13, 2020

    I too am a guitar lover and have had plans for many years to learn to play. I've acquired an acoustic guitar and a Fender bass over the years. They look great hanging on my wall. :) I am still hopeful that I'll start teaching myself - using YouTube, etc. during these crazy times.

    I am also a music lover and have the same impulse to have music always playing. My 19-year old son has become a successful hip-hop producer as well, so I'd like to think he got his love of music from me - and his creativity from my better half. :)

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  6. Walrus

    Walrus May 13, 2020

    Cool stuff. That will be fun to get into. I have a strong desire to play the mandolin, I jammed with some guys who were big into bluegrass I was on bass, the others were two mandolins and a banjo. That was a good time. Good luck with that it’s an overlooked instrument I’ve heard some very cool sounds emitting from them.
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  7. Majork

    Majork May 20, 2020

    I'm keeping at it at the moment.
    Started with videos from Marty Music and how to read chords and finger style tabs.
    I'm also enjoying Paul David's YouTube Channel a lot.

    For tonight, I think it is Crossroads time. Never seen that movie, but Eugene's Trick Bag is amazing.
  8. apsm100

    apsm100 May 20, 2020

    I started when I was in early highschool (10 years ago) with guitar lessons for about 2 years. Mostly listened to folk; Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, The National, and the music I wrote back then mirrored this. Really disliked using picks so I focused purely on fingerstyle. Got decent enough to perform at small shows and my all time high performing at my highschool graduation.
    I think university sort of killed my soul for music for a while, as I receded from performing or talking about my music to anyone, but I am back to just playing around.
    Now I've fallen into jazz, R&B/hip-hop, and producing. If you are bored you can listen through some of my stuff (scroll down to skip through my embarrassing attempts at other genres ::facepalm2::).
    Thinking back I wish I had started out with a jazz foundation, as I now realize how important it is.
    Also want to learn how to play drums and bass; but one thing at a time is probably best. :rolleyes:
  9. SkunkPrince

    SkunkPrince May 20, 2020

    I tried to learn to play but I am too old and lazy to put in the work.

    Turns out I'm a decent technician.

    Build this out of parts that I assembled.


    2017 SG Special body in worn cherry
    Klusen locking tuners
    DiMarzio 36th anniversary PAF in the neck
    DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge
    Faber locking bridge and raised and locked stoptail
    Gibson circuitry

    And, as you can see, white plastics.

    I have it on craigslist at the moment, and maybe, just maybe, I can get it sold after people get to work.
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  10. RI Omega Fan

    RI Omega Fan May 20, 2020

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  11. BatDad

    BatDad May 20, 2020

    Been musical all my life. Cornet, Piano then finally Guitar. First Guitar was. POS £99 from woolworths that I picked up at a thrift store. Pickups were busted so had to fix those, then onto a Tanglewood PRS copy in 92.

    Tennis elbow for 18months has seriously messed up practice time. Can’t wait to get onto these bad boys. Doc tells me wait two years or surgery.... Imma waiting...

    The faith semi acoustic is awesome.

  12. Interstatetime

    Interstatetime May 20, 2020

    Guitars and watches go together well I think....I think it is good to have a few of each.




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  13. base615

    base615 May 21, 2020

    Sadly no guitars here, just analog and modular synths. Was considering getting a guitar though, if that counts?

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  14. lawler

    lawler May 21, 2020


    It is never too late to start learning. There is a lot of useful content on YouTube to help get started but you also can’t beat real life lessons with someone.

    Enjoy the journey...
  15. Majork

    Majork May 22, 2020

    Yeah, will definitely take some lessons locally soon. Not keen on becoming the masked guitarist at the moment.