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  1. Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize Sergio Feb 3, 2015

    So I have this friend, he comes to my house and we're chatting and drinking and then he asks to see the watches. He tries them on one by one and to see if he likes them he fakes shooting a gun a la Bond to the mirror. We laughed so hard for a good while!! He kept it straight though, natural comedian that he is. He just kept coming out with the strangest scenarios where a weapon would be held displaying the watch.

    No surprise, the PO LMLE edition won, the IWC's where last...he said they need an evil villain with a small gun to be effective, while the PO is for a Hero, the AT for Bond proper and the Rolex 5512 for Jurassic Park (I guess he saw the jeff Bridges King Kong.) The polar Explorer gets a harpoon and he decided to actually use the Panerai's as weapons themselves. The Waltham trench got a classic german lugger (spelling?) to go with it.

    Funny as well, when he got to put on the cartier he just "paid" a guy to do the killing.

    What a watch will do to a man!
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  2. 250scr

    250scr Feb 3, 2015

    I like your guys' sense of humor. I can't do all those scenarios since I only have 2 watches and 1 is a Timex Indiglo, but I really like it