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  1. François Pépin

    François Pépin Nov 21, 2018


    I have since several years now a heirloom Omega. I am happy to have it and wear it from time to time. When I got it, I tried to identify it but have been unsucessfull. Now I would like to know more about it.

    This is a French cased Omega, but with a reference number with 7 digits and another number with 4 digits. The 7 digits number permits to understand this should be a man, automatic calender watch. But it currently features a quartz movement. Also, it is an ETA movement, not an Omega one, which is weird. I guess at some point, my grand father had the movement changed - I can only guess as I have no info about this part of the story.

    But the dial fits the current movement and seems to be an original Omega - but I do not know much about this period and this kind of dial. It also fits the case. I have seen several dials like this, both for mecanic and quartz Omega of the 197X and 198X's. So I wonder if the dial is original and has been fitted to a quartz movement which luckyly matched, or if both the movement and dial have been changed.

    If I am correct untill here, next I would like to know which kind of automatic movement and, in case the dial has been changed as well, whick kind of dial would be correct for this watch. I have done plenty of research recently, and could not find any exact match: many 162.XXXX gold watches can be found, but I could not find any 162.7046. I have also found several similar but not indentical French gold cased watches, which had also the same 4 digits reference (1031) - but still not the same last 4 numbers of the 7 digits reference.

    I guess it remains the possibility of the watch being original in its current state. Does any one have heard of a quartz movement in a X6X XXXX reference? Tor me the 6 number, in the second digit, implies automatic (and center second) and not quartz, but who knows.

    I would be glad if any of you had some info to share. I am not sure if I want to keep the watch as is, or to try to change it back to its original state. But I would like to know better its story.

    Thanks a lot.


    Some pics and completentary infos: the square dial is 27,5x27,5; the case is 3,1x3,2; and the inside diameter of the case back is 2.8 cm. The ETA reference is 955 114.

    IMG_1386.JPG IMG_1387.JPG IMG_1389.JPG IMG_1391.JPG IMG_1392.JPG IMG_1393.JPG IMG_1398.JPG IMG_1399.JPG IMG_1402.JPG IMG_1404.JPG IMG_1405.JPG
  2. Archer

    Archer Omega Qualified Watchmaker Nov 21, 2018

    055BA1627046 | BOITE CAL. 1012

    18k 2N yellow gold.

    Case diameter is listed as 33 mm and lugs are 18 mm.

    That's really all the information there is on this one. I see no dials or hands listed for this case, and if it's local production that's usually what happens. There's only one part listed for the case, and that's the crown - 069SX22007.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Al
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