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Identification help - j Chevalier

  1. HumbleWatcher May 23, 2021

    Hi people! Purchased this watch today for 60 bucks. "j Chevalier"
    I'm not familiar at all with this company. But It's Swiss made.
    Im looking for help to see if this watch is actually gold, gold filled or full gold case.
    Anyome can drop some info? Will be much appreciated.
    This watch really looks much better than the photos.
    Got surprised on the first sight. and I fell In love with it.
    Even that my purpose was just to make a profitable purchase.
    I'm sure I did. Even if it's not gold.
    P_20210523_173721.jpg P_20210523_170713.jpg P_20210523_145925.jpg P_20210523_145901.jpg P_20210523_145848.jpg P_20210523_145720.jpg
  2. Foo2rama Keeps his worms in a ball instead of a can. May 23, 2021

    Due to lack of hallmarks, as well as the stainless caseback, you can be pretty sure that it is plated.

    movement is a pretty cheap $8 dollar 5 jewel swiss movement. (

    Neat piece but falls into the fashion watch category. Sweet little dress watch though.
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