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How do I love thee - Let me count the ways...

  1. MikiJ

    MikiJ Likes songs about Purple spices Jun 28, 2014

    How many of us feel in love with a watch only to let it go? Like most, we only really miss the one we love after it's gone. If we get lucky we're able to find another, just like the one we fell in love with. Then only a few of us let that second one slip away. However, only very few, are able to rekindle that initial love afair for a third time. Obviously I'm one of those lucky few ;-)

    This torrid affair started almost a couple of decades ago when these first came out. How could an old golfer refuse a 3575.20? He loved wearing it on a Banda Bony Croc blue strap.
    Golfer & watch.JPG

    Mickey got so jealous when his friend, the golfer, gave his up that he insisted on another for himself.
    Mickey's Omega 001.jpg

    Hard to believe that Mickey, a real watch whore, gave his up for the "right price" ;-(
    Like all good love stories this one has a happy ending: Mickey just got another ;-)

    Although my poor scan doesn't do justice to this beauty, it's the best of all. It came from a most respected seller, Kringkily. Although it was not advertised as LNIB, it certainly should have been. I have bought a few others, LNIB, that didn't look as good as this one in addition to being 100% OEM complete.

    As you might imagine the "Old Man" can resist new Banda blue gator shoes. He loves to wear them in the winter so as not to sweat them up in hot Summer months.

    Hope you enjoyed my love story. If so please tell us your tales of long lost but revived loves. Enjoy, Miki
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