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Horrible transactions from bgrisso

  1. Dre

    Dre May 21, 2020 5:01am

    I'm sure everyone has some kind of idea on what has happened, and I'm just using my right to post this feedback about the whole thing as well.

    To sum up, I sold Ben quite a few of watches in the past, he was not happy with 2 of them because he eventually think he paid a lot more than what he should've paid, due to the failure of selling the 2 watches. And has slander me with scam and wire fraud, there was an exchange in every single of the transactions and not once I lied to him or hiding anything in regards to the 2 watches. I provided detailed description to the best of my knowledge, multiple photos, and evidence of research around the internet in regards to the originality, valuation, etc.

    Out of all the watches that I have sold Ben, I purchased 2 of them back, he managed resold all the other ones with a higher price than what he paid me, in the exception of 1 watch that is still with him now. Ben and I definitely made mistake somewhere in the past few years when all these happened during our "relationship", and I just hope everyone can learn and try not to do the same mistakes that we did.

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  2. pIoNeErOfThEnILe

    pIoNeErOfThEnILe May 24, 2020 1:11am

    3/4 questions

    you say the 2 watches in question which is causing this strife is because gris couldn't sell them? you're making it sound like all the watches that he bought from you (13 total) he did so with the intent to resell and profit from..and he's throwing a fit because he can't with the other 2..discuss?

    i will say in gris defense. the dial pic and case damage around that one pusher is pretty damming not to be disclosed. no seller doesn't know the external damage of a expensive vintage watch not to disclose it. and to have the watch arrive with a dial showing up not looking like your pics, only in much worse condition is troublesome as well. what do you have to say about this?

    gris is looking at your pricing and condition as his bone of contention. you wrote that he asked you to sell "x" watch he bought fromyou for reasons you don't know, and i don't fully understand that either. but what i can't wrap my head around only getting half of what he paid you a year previous. not to mention he said you skimmed money off the top for selling it....discuss?

    it looks painfully obvious that you vastly overpriced your watch, especially with the condition issues, and there's no way to entirely blame the market on this selling loss of 50%
    Edited May 24, 2020 1:16am
  3. bgrisso

    bgrisso May 24, 2020 9:48am

    LOL this is ridiculous.

    I just provided extensive documentation in the other thread showing exactly how you did lie and hide things.

    What are you complaining about anyways, you got $33K USD out of me on these two watches, which allowed you to purchase your grail Rolex.

    What's so horrible about that? The fact that I'm calling you out on it, instead of just thanking you for ripping me off?

    I think you know Omega Forums is a lost cause, and you are just posting this BS to give you some deniability on other platforms like IG, for people that will not both to read through all the details here. Typical.

    At least the rest of you know the real story on where the funds came from to purchase this watch, keep it in mind every time you see it shared online....