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Help/Opinions regarding a GMT 1675 from the late 60's

  1. kristal Apr 18, 2021

    Hello fellow members,

    Once again I would highly appreciate your opinion and expertise regarding a nice-looking (at least in my eyes) 1675 example from 68-69. To my eyes, the case seems unpolished and the dial and hands have a nice creamy matching patina. What do you think? Is it indeed the case? Also are the bezel and the bracelet correct to the watch?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
    gmt_5.jpeg gmt_4.jpeg gmt_3.jpeg gmt_2.jpeg gmt_1.jpeg gmt_8.png gmt_7.png gmt_6.png
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  2. morningtundra Apr 23, 2021

    These 1675's are a bit of a minefield but to me, that's a nice-looking example. I agree the dial, hands, date disk, triplock all look good. I think the folded link bracelet is ok but the pics aren't much to go on.

    The case and bezel look well worn but for me the jury is out on the polish question. I'll go out on a limb and say that's a later or service insert, based on the round (not elipse) eights. I know folks put a lot of emphasis on bezel inserts so I'd recommend this post by Xeramic.

    I think it's a nice looking piece :)
  3. t_swiss_t Apr 23, 2021

    Agree with the above. Crystal looks like an old one or at least is a good aftermarket one that isn't flat topped with a sharp edge. Not sure its' unpolished, but the lugs are reasonably thick and the chamfers are mostly there, so it's nice either way. But yes, insert is newer, from the 1980s or later. Also might be a little dial damage within the Swiss T<25.