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  1. sbozinovski

    sbozinovski Sep 10, 2017

    Dear all,
    I have recently found in my late grandmothers possessions, an Omega branded wrist watch.

    I have searched all over the Internet and found little to none information about it.

    Although it looks like it is a fake, I would really like for someone more knowledgeable to confirm it.

    It is in bad condition, out of working order, and very much worn out. It has no distinguishable markings, except on the movement.

    I am posting the pictures of mentioned watch and I kindly ask for someone to take a peek.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards.
    IMG_20170910_173150.jpg IMG_20170910_173157.jpg IMG_20170910_173220.jpg IMG_20170910_173215.jpg IMG_20170910_221701.jpg IMG_20170910_173142.jpg 1505074737863425609091.jpg
  2. WYO_Watch

    WYO_Watch Sep 10, 2017

    Sorry mate,

    Although I can't tell you much about the dial, the movement is missing some important details. Namely the words Omega or a symbol, a movement I number and a serial number. I would lean a fake as well.

    It is an interesting family heirloom. Potentially someone can point you to a similar looking model that is authentic? Would be nice to have a bit of that history to be able to pass along.
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  3. sbozinovski

    sbozinovski Sep 11, 2017

    Thank you very much for your time and the reply WYO_Watch.
    I was hoping that I already have a famous piece of history on my hands. :)

    Well, after all, it is a heirloom, despite its condition. And I just might take your advice, and create a heirloom of my own, for generations to come.
    Wish you all the best.