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  1. carrosa

    carrosa Aug 14, 2019

    Hello everyone, I want to restore my grandfather's old Omega. I already visited the official Omega Servicie Store in Mexico, and as you probably know, they told me that they have to send it to Switzerland in order to have a price of the restoration. Before I do that, I wanted to know a little bit more of this watch but haven't been able to pinpoint this watch.
    Doing my research, this is what I know:
    Serial Number: 14622642 (that would make it from 1954)
    Movement: 244 Mechanical and working.
    Model Number (from the case back): 2780-1 (haven't found anything with this model number nor 27801).
    I appreciate any help to shed some light. Thank you. 20190814_120303.jpg 20190810_185748_2.jpg 20190811_104754.jpg 20190811_160508.jpg 20190811_155406.jpg
  2. X350 XJR

    X350 XJR Vintage Omega Aficionado Aug 14, 2019

    Not likely to find any information on this reference, 2780, leave the 1 off.

    Just one of many unnamed Omegas produced during this time.
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