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  1. JAH14

    JAH14 Dec 14, 2018

    I really feel at home on these very pages the response from like minded peop!e who have an interest in watches the same as myself has been second to none. So I'm not a freak after all? Well not on this Forum anyway I like to read other people's threads and what watches they own and have owned in the past and.a lot of the time I'm drooling not so much with envy but just for the sheer love of there watch hobby and more importantly there knowledge. I felt I was the only person that would take notice of someone on Tele what particular watch they are wearing even when I go out or at my work place etc? I mean like I mentioned before at the beginning my Speedy watch has always been my all time dream obsession to own I've never once dreamed of a IWC , Rolex or Patek not that I could afford one anyway! I talk to my partner about watches and I know it goes in one ear and out if the other. This fascination reminds me a lot of people.who are into videos games were you just don't talk about it outside of your domain as other people just think what the hell is he going on about or here we go again. It's really strange to have other people knowing they all have the same interest as you in the watch industry here on this very forum and knowbody judges you because we all have an interest that keeps us as one and thats Watches. Yeah I like my clothes and have been known to buy some Moncler and C.P. and yes I do appreciate finer things in life money permitted who doesn't but to actually buy and own my very own Speedy is just the pinnacle of watches to me. I can go in AD shops and Official Boutiques and to be fair 7/10 times a lot of them look at me as if I'm just there to waste there time or i can't afford what they have to sell it amazes me really the looks i can get from some staff yes maybe I'm not looking at the most expensive watch in the shop yes I may not be buying a particular watch from them on that particular day but surely when anybody spends in the region of £3600.00 surely you have the right to see the actual watch in the flesh your interested in before you decide to.pull that trigger surely you have to compare other watches to the one you have in mind in the same price bracket like I did for example Tudor, Bretiling etc. I mean I wouldn't mind if I looked like a guy whose homeless and just come off the street to talk about watches..Thanks allot for those who have read this thread. Finally I would just like to wish everyone here whose been bothered to read my messages a "Very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year" and I hope you all wear your watches in good health!!
  2. time flies

    time flies Dec 14, 2018

    Welcome. Merry Christmas to you and a wonderful New Year.

    Have fun
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