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  1. WatchVaultNYC Nov 18, 2016

    Military watches are designed purely for function- Very robust with a thick steel case, good quality accurate Swiss jeweled movement, hacking function, easy to read dial, fixed strap bars & extra thick tough plexi.

    This style of watch replaced the Smith's W10 & was the last general purpose mechanical watch ever issued to the military in the UK!

    "Tonneau" shaped case watches were issued to all 3 branches of the M.O.D Army Navy & RAF from 1973-1980. There were 3 makers of this watch style throughout the 1970's - Hamilton CWC & a M.O.D own-brand. Hamilton who have been supplying watches to the MOD from WWII won the first contract & supplied this style of watch mainly in 1973 & 1975

    Movement- Swiss ETA 2750 re-branded by Hamilton as Cal-649 (21,600 BPH) Mechanical wind 17-Jewel with Hack feature. Hacking means when the crown is pulled to the time setting position the second hand stops allowing you to set the time to the exact second or synchronize with other watches.
    Dial- Fully Original and is marked- Hamilton, circled "T" indicates the luminous material is Tritium, Broad arrow = Crown property, Swiss made = movement made in Switzerland.
    Hands - Original military Sword/Gladiator type.
    Case- Stainless steel front loader with fixed bars, size excluding crown is 35 mm. including crown 37.5 mm, from top-bottom 41 mm & the lug size 18.5 mm.
    Crown- Original stainless steel, with split stem.
    Lens- Made from a very tough thick plastic composite, scratches can be easily polished out with fine Wet & Dry paper + a polish like Brasso, saving you having to replace the lens!
    Case-back markings explained - W10 indicates Army issue. 6645 Nato code for Timepiece. 99 country code for UK. 523-8290 = General purpose wristwatch. /|\ Broad-arrow = M.O.D property, and the last set of numbers (e.g.) 1234 / 73 are the serial number & year of issue.

    Aesthetic Condition*:
    - EXCELLENT unpolished vintage condition, as seen in the photos: signs of very light use on the case. Originally purchased as part of MOD surplus liquidation.

    - No extras except what you see in the photos

    In-House Test Results**:
    Bench-run for at least 24 hours. All watch functions tested and operable.
    Observed accuracy: +5s/d
    Wrist Sizing: strap

    Last Service:
    The watch has just been fully serviced - Work carried out by John Sr. of who is generally regarded as the best military watch horologist in the UK.

    Full strip down with every component part individually inspected cleaned & oiled, machine timed, multi position adjusted / regulated, waterproofed - water-tested and then bench tested for a full week.
    This is not a quick service where the movement is cleaned & oiled without being disassembled (swish & dunk). Even the jewel pivots have been individually cleaned & only the latest types of oils & greases specifically matched to the movement caliber & needs of various parts of the movement have been used.
    The case have been ultrasonically cleaned but not polished
    Only correct NOS milspec replacement parts have been used where needed.

    Very good time & start as they should with the minimum of winding & the springs have a long power reserve.

    *You will get the watch shown in the photos. Photos are an essential part of the description. Grades are the provided listing text and pictures summarized into a simple-to-understand score.

    Have a question not covered by the description? Chat with us on FB messenger:

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    Asking Price: $1099

    Ready to make a reasonable offer? Go directly to my secure website: Hamilton W10 British Military Issued Vintage
    All reasonable offers accepted! Forum members upgraded to Fedex Overnight for FREE!

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    For FASTER service:
    - DO refer to the control number (last 5 digits on the listing title) to avoid confusion.
    - DO read the listing completely. Vast majority of your questions are already answered here!

    Quick answers to common questions:
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