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FS: Rolex 1675 Long E with fuchsia insert

  1. tmw57

    tmw57 Feb 9, 2019

    Hey Guys,

    This one is a beauty, with dial paint that is nearly flawless. A few areas where lume is pockmarked and the 6, 9 and 12 lume plots have a tiny amount of scarring from hand drag. Very hard to notice if not magnified. The case is nice and fat, the tops of the lugs were re-satinized and the bevels detailed. Case sides appear original.

    The hands were relumed, movement serviced and case detailed at ABC watchwerks in LA in dec. of 2016.

    Serial # 29611xx, and inner caseback date of II.71 place the production in the second quarter of 1971 which (I think) was near the final run of the mark 1 "Long E" dial series.

    When I purchased this piece several years ago it came with an all black insert which I have lying around somewhere and that can be swapped if you do not want the fuchsia.

    Bracelet is a later 78360 H, in nice shape with minimal stretch. If set at maximum length should fit wrist up to 7.25"

    Date wheel shows correct open 6 and 9

    My pics tend to exaggerate flaws, and I am always a bit queasy about shipping high dollar watches, so I would greatly prefer a local (NYC, NJ) sale so you can check this piece out prior to purchase. But in the event that I am unable to sell locally, I will be happy to ship.

    Asking $18,000 usd for watch with the pictured fuchsia insert, $15,000 with all black insert.

    If we do a face-to-face I can be a bit flexible on price.

    I accept pp (f+f or you pay fee) or bank transfer. No trades considered at this time.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for questions or additional pics.

    No returns unless misrepresented.

    Thanks OF!

    most recent feedback:

    dial 3.jpg
    dial 3.jpg dial 4.jpg inner caseback 2.jpg between lugs 12.jpg inner lugs 6.jpg lug 2 and crown guard.jpg lug 2.jpg lug 5.jpg lug 7.jpg lug 10-3.jpg lugs 10-2.jpg mid case crown 2.jpg mid case crown 3.jpg mid case crown.jpg mid case non crown.jpg movement 1.jpg movement 2.jpg movement 3.jpg movment 4.jpg open 6.jpg open 9.jpg case back 1.jpg caseback 2.jpg ABC invoice.jpg
    Edited Feb 15, 2019 9:25am
  2. JohnSteed

    JohnSteed Feb 10, 2019

    Highly recommended seller !!

    GLWYS @tmw57
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  3. Lonestar

    Lonestar insert Schwartz joke HERE Feb 11, 2019

    Nice 1675. Kudos on the full disclosure of everything about that piece, it's kinda rare these days :thumbsup: Price is reasonable w.r.t. all the above and the full package is yummy!

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  4. tmw57

    tmw57 Feb 11, 2019

    Sorry, forgot to add bracelet pics...
    Bracelet has 12 links 12 link bracelet.jpg bracelet 1.jpg bracelet 2.jpg bracelet ends.jpg
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  5. Zuke

    Zuke Feb 11, 2019

    Great looking watch.

    +1 great seller

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  6. tmw57

    tmw57 Feb 15, 2019 9:23am

    Plenty of offers for the insert, but only a few nibbles for the complete package.

    If I am able to hand off the complete package in a face-to-face I would be willing to be a bit flexible on the price...
  7. MikiJ

    MikiJ Likes songs about Purple spices Feb 15, 2019 11:03am

    I've never seen a 1675 that made my heart skip a beat until this one with the Fuchsia Insert - WOW!
    What's the standard offering when you're out of Dead Presidents? Is it a lung or a kidney, maybe both?
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