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SOLD Fortis B-42 Cosmonaut Chrono Titanium LE (409/500) - ref 644.27.142 - £3600

  1. ewand Feb 18, 2021

    Mrs D wanted a new garden, and got her garden designer friend round. Fast forward a few weeks and the back yard has taken a dent in the bank balance which would be good enough to fund a well-used Ferrari.

    So, I'm reluctantly parting with some of my precious things... it better be a nice summer...

    2021-01-09 15-14-29 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).jpg

    This is a Limited Edition titanium Fortis B-42 model no 644.27.142 from 2006, in very good condition. This one is 409 of 500 and comes with a collector case and a load of additional paperwork which I think may have been assembled by the original owner.

    "Go find another" is a maxim you could use - they come up very infrequently, and some folk on WUS have reported spending yeas looking for a single one to be available. Super legible with its centre chrono hand courtesy of the Lemania 5100 movement, tritium numerals and indices (yes, even in mid 2000s), its light weight disguises the size of the thing (42mm case, 44mm across the bezel). It's frankly a stunning watch.

    The watch is in the UK, near London. I'd be happy to do a WhatsApp evaluation of it if you like, or if we're ever allowed to meet up again, then a socially distanced physical inspection.

    I am looking for (net to me) and including insured delivery :-
    UK - £3,600
    USA - $5,100
    EU - €4,200

    If you're outside of these 3 or want to make some other arrangements re collection/delivery then let's talk.
    Of course, if you have any questions then please PM me. I can supply references on request.
    [annoyingly, I've just looked at some of these photos and the have artefacts - if you look at the high res images you'll see some noise in the pics; also, I notice that there are some fingermarks on the crystal... ]

    2021-01-09 16-33-43 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).jpg

    There are a few small marks on the case and underside of the bracelet, but nothing substantial and the watch operates well, keeps good time and the chrono functions all work crisply. Service history is unknown.

    2021-01-09 15-26-40 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).jpg


    The only issue is that when setting day / date, sometime you turn the crown and nothing happens then it jumps two days. I presume that would be addressed by a service but it's a minor annoyance and the day/date changes over OK when it is running.

    [EDIT - I think this glitch might actually be to do with the time when the manual day/date setting occurs. There is a little red paper insert into the instruction manual saying not to set the day or date between 8pm and 2am, but I've seen other Lemania 5100s say not to do that when the hands anywhere other than between 3 and 8 o'clock, and it's probable that I've tried to set the day at a time outside of that, hence why it skipped two days. Setting the time first to 5 o'clock, it works fine]



    2021-01-09 15-17-26 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).jpg
    Edited Mar 17, 2021
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  2. ewand Feb 18, 2021

    The accompanying swag: IMG_20200929_133721.jpg


    IMG_20200929_133809.jpg IMG_20200929_133857.jpg IMG_20200929_134021.jpg IMG_20200929_134030.jpg IMG_20200929_134143.jpg IMG_20200929_134148.jpg IMG_20200929_134348.jpg IMG_20200929_134423.jpg IMG_20200929_134426.jpg IMG_20200929_134534.jpg IMG_20200929_134543.jpg
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  3. ewand Mar 4, 2021

    Bump and a reduction from £3850 -> £3600. Hit me up with offers if you like...

    FWIW, the only one of these that has openly been for sale in the last couple of years was on sold via eBay in Aus late last year.


    It didn't have the issue number on the back and didn't have all the swag that mine has.
  4. arcadelt May 14, 2022

    Did this sell?
  5. ewand May 14, 2022