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First Post: New to me Acquisition UK2292

  1. ciclismosam

    ciclismosam Apr 10, 2020

    Hello all!

    I've lurked for a long time, but as a modern 1861 Speedy Pro owner never felt a need to post. However, this addition to my military collection has me wanting to share and also see if anyone knows anything that I don't and could correct or confirm my thoughts on the watch.

    Front, Back, and wrist shots are all taken by me. The movement and inside of case back are from the listing I bid on as I haven't opened up the inside yet. Based on my research this looks about right based on what I know about the base materials, dial, case back markings, movement serial numbers, and markings inside of the case back. I'm not an expert but did what research I could before bidding.

    It runs but I am sure is in need of a service. Once businesses are open again I will be sure to get the movement serviced. I intend to request an extract from the archives when I service it as well.
    IMG_2897.JPG IMG_2898.JPG ck2292 movement_LI.jpg ck2292 internal case back.jpg IMG_2896.jpg IMG_2899.jpg
    Edited Apr 10, 2020
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  2. OllieOnTheRocks

    OllieOnTheRocks Aug 2, 2020 3:15am

    Nice piece enjoy! :)