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First Omega in Space on the 1125/617 Bracelet - My Thoughts and Experiences

  1. Fusion Aug 10, 2019

    Since I got my FOIS back in May I have really enjoyed its vintage proportions and feel on wrist. I have worn it nearly exclusively since getting it. The strap is durable, comfortable and handsome.

    I happen to work in the health care field and help patients with wounds and get exposed to various bodily fluids every day. The idea of having leather strap and thus a hard to sanitize watch has always made me uneasy. What I love about watches on bracelets is that you can give them daily bird baths after work and feel like your watch isn't a nidus for infection anymore when you go home (yes, I know.. speedmaster.. "50m" WR.. that topic has been beaten to death already). I also just love the look and feel of a watch on a metal bracelet.

    With that background information, you can understand why I was excited to learn about what bracelets I could put on the FOIS. This thread is a truly excellent starting resource for the curious FOIS owner considering putting her on metal:

    Because the FOIS has a 19mm lug width (most Omegas are 20mm), Omega bracelets you have lying around such as mesh will not fit and your options are more limited. Omega also does not officially make a bracelet for this watch so you have to get a little bit creative. I think it is fair to say that the majority of FOIS braceleteers end up with the 1125 bracelet with either 560 or 617 endlinks, as it is a solid overall solution with good vintage looks and feel.
    Having just gone through lots of research and the buying experience, I thought I would put together a writeup with some things I think are valuable to know if you are in the same boat I was in and are considering this awesome bracelet acquisition.

    Where can I buy it?
    Online or the Omega boutique. I opted to go to the Omega boutique and get a brand new bracelet from them.

    What is the cost?
    $450 + tax from the Omega boutique for the bracelet and endlinks (I do not think you can get them separate). Springbars are free if you opt for the 617 endlinks and need the 2206 springbars. This cost is very reasonable in my opinion. Online, prices for used/new bracelets were similar if not more than Omega's price. When you consider the awesome customer service you get at the boutique and the fact that the price is similar if not better than anywhere else, in my mind it is a no brainer to go through Omega if a boutique is close to you.

    Buying tips
    I went to my local Omega boutique (King of Prussia) and inquired about purchasing the bracelet. I was met at first with an apology that the FOIS only comes on a strap and told that a bracelet will not work. I knew that technically this was true, but armed with the link I posted above, I showed all of the bracelet options to the staff and they were happy to assist me in ordering the 1125.
    My absolute biggest tip for you is that in Omega's system, the bracelet (1125) and end links (560 or 617) are not ordered separately, but together. When they went into the system, it took quite a lot of trial and error to get the bracelet to pop up. It turns out that the bracelet and endlinks are ordered as one. What needs to be typed into the computer is 020ST1125617. If you're after the 560 endlinks, it will be 020ST1125560.
    Even though this bracelet is not really for the FOIS, they were happy to help me put it on my watch and adjust the clasp/links to fit my wrist, which was so nice of them. I was really pleased with their service.

    How long did it take to arrive at the store?
    2-3 weeks

    560 vs 617 endlinks?
    560 pros: you can use the same springbar that comes with the strap
    560 cons: the endlink does not come all the way out to the lugs and the fit is not quite as good as the 617
    617 pros: it looks like it was made for the FOIS, the endlink comes all the way out to the lug
    617 cons: you have to use different spring bars (reference 2206, they are thinner than the spring bars that come on the strap). To me this is a non-issue: my Omega boutique gave them to me for free and it's really not a big deal at all.

    Does the bracelet work with a small wrist?
    YES! This is one thing that I was pretty worried about. I have a Submariner 14060M and a permanent link needed to be removed to make the watch even wearable for my 5.5 inch wrist. The clasp has tons of microadjustment holes and there are several pins and links that can be removed on each side of the bracelet:
    As you can see, I even have one more microadjustment on the clasp to work with. This is one thing Omega consistently does right - their watches are designed to fit tiny and huge wrists!

    What watch did the 1125 bracelet originally come on?
    I do not know! Someone in the comments please tell me and I will update it here. My guess is a 1970's speedmaster, but I really do not know!

    Bracelet review
    I really love the look and feel of this bracelet. It makes a similar amount of noise as a 1990s oyster bracelet - not too much, but more than a modern bracelet for sure. The 617 endlinks in my opinion are a must, they just look to be a better fit than the 560s and the springbar deal is a non-issue. The clasp is very reliable so far and has not come undone. It requires a lot of force to open and is a little tricky to close sometimes but I find that charming. I have read that the bracelet can pull hairs but have yet to have this happen.
    I have also read that someone with the 1125 on his FOIS had the clasp fail and the watch fall when the owner was getting up off the ground with his hands. He was moving his wrist dorsally toward the top of his wrist, putting pressure on the clasp which caused a part of it to fail. With the way I have the bracelet sized I do not see this being an issue but I will be more cautious of this and thought it worth mentioning. If you choose to wear the bracelet loose and have it distal to your ulnar styloid process (that bump), maybe be weary. In this story the Omega boutique did cover the cost of a new bracelet, even though the 1125 does not officially belong on the FOIS, a nice gesture for sure.
    I love the big omega logo on the clasp and the sheen of the metal. The bracelet has a nice "droop" to it that adds to its vintage charm. It is comfortable and I can now give it gentle bird baths after a long day at the hospital. I am completely satisfied with this addition and found it to be well worth the cost and effort. Enjoy some pictures!

    IMG_1842.jpg IMG_1845.jpg IMG_1846.jpg IMG_1847.jpg IMG_1848.jpg
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  2. axl911 Aug 10, 2019

    Very nice!!
  3. LeonDeBayonne Aug 10, 2019

    I still prefer 560 on it.
  4. many Aug 10, 2019

    Who did you talk to that said a bracelet wouldn't work? There are at least three associates there that I've spoken with that know a bracelet will work.
  5. vintagemillenial Aug 10, 2019

    Very cool review, might need to upgrade from my leather strap now.
  6. cholack Aug 10, 2019

    Great article and tips
  7. Fusion Aug 10, 2019

    Mind explaining why?
    Employees at my specific boutique. As I said, technically they are correct in that there really is no bracelet offered, it just so happens that there are older ones that work with it. No need for a witch hunt
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  8. mikekchc Dec 15, 2019

    This is an awesome review - definitely need to keep this in my back pocket if i ever add an FOIS
  9. hansmaulwurf Senior Snoopy Owner Dec 15, 2019

    Great Thread, Great Bracelet - great to wear and fits all FOIS, CK2998, Sedna, etc. watches and a lot more.


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  10. weimi1 Dec 15, 2019

    Would the bracelet also fit an Omega Speedmaster MK40 Schumacher Edition Day Date Automatic 39MM 3520.53.00?
    The original 1563/850 was offered to me by Omega for 850 euros.
    Thank you for your help
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  11. Theluglife Dec 15, 2019

    My FOIS is currently on the re-released Forstner Komfit bracelet. Very comfortable, looks great and much more affordable. Only downsides would be questionable inner lug wear and may require a mild polish to avoid rubbing against the case.
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  12. jB1128 Dec 16, 2019

    I am pretty confident that the FOIS setup with the 1125/617 (or 560) end links will NOT work with the Speedmaster MK40 3520.53.

    The FOIS has a 19mm lug width whereas the MK40 has an 18mm lug width, that would require the 1563/850 configuration to work...

    I really like the look of this bracelet though, and as an owner of a MK40 too, it was my first thought as well!
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  13. gcole Dec 16, 2019


    Picture please
  14. JSal16 Dec 16, 2019

    I've seen the FOIS on an older Aqua Terra Bracelet. Does anyone have the ref. number for this bracelet and end links?
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  15. FJR1971 Dec 16, 2019

    This thread was a huge help for me down to going to the King of Prussia location. I did however decide on the 560 end links. Thanks all!

  16. LeonDeBayonne Dec 16, 2019

    Looks great! Congrats!
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  17. engben Dec 17, 2019

    Interested in this as well
  18. Watchout312 Aug 9, 2020

    The bracelet looks great.
  19. kboyle Oct 14, 2020

    Great review
  20. Ultraslan82 Dec 4, 2020

    Great review. Thanks. Could you comment on the wear and tear and if it has left some marks on the lug or case? Also, the bracelet doesn't taper much from the pictures. What's is the width? Thinking about ordering one, too.
    Much appreciated.