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  1. Professor

    Professor Feb 1, 2020

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but a friend brought over an unusual watch he found while clearing away the debris of his burned out house. The watch may have belonged to his deceased brother in law who lived with him for awhile years ago.
    The fire doesn't seem to have reached it.
    Anyway its a titanium cased Citizen Eco Drive that doesn't match any images of these I can find. The case is completely sealed and has no crown only four pushers at 10,2,4 and 8 positions. it looks to be some sort of chronograph.
    I tried searching a Citizen manual site but none of the numbers on the case triggered any results.
    There is what looks like a space for a rotating bezel but no corresponding marker on the case and the deep trench there looks nothing like anything I've seen before. There are tiny openings that might be female connecting points for wiring.
    I found vague references to a early Eco Drive that rather than having it's solar cells under the dial had them in a ring mounted around the bezel.

    If anyone knows of a source of information on these, or sources for parts, or someone who can repair one of these let me know.
    The watch has an expensive look to it and aside from very minor scratches on the dial looks to be intact other than the missing ring cell.
    Also I'm a bit mystified as to how one could set a watch that has no crown.