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  1. DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Tues. 4:01pm

    I usually spend my days huddled over a kerosene lamp making lanyards for the poor nerdy souls who have stumbled into collecting pocket watches. Truth be told, I am happy to brighten their days. Recently a new hide of leather arrived featuring a branding mark on it - a first for me. I was sure that the pocket watch community will be okay with me diverting some of their lanyard leather for another project - just this once - and so I present this watch roll for sale. I am asking $150 USD, North American shipping included from my home in Canada. International shipping at whatever the extra amount is. Payment by Wise (the terrible new name of Transferwise), PayPal F&F, or interact for my fellow Canadians.


    Made by hand of truly gorgeous full-grain oil-tanned leather, this watch roll will develop an amazing distressed patina with use. It is designed to travel with two of your watches, plus two straps or a strap and a tool. Two caseback protectors will be included to protect watches that are worn on a bracelet.





    The watch roll is shown here with the stitching line laid in, and it is simply awaiting a buyer to choose the thread colour that will make this one-of-a-kind piece truly theirs


    And since the shipping will already be taken care of, I’d be happy to throw in a matching pocket watch lanyard at a discount.


    Oh yah, thanks for reminding me, please let me know if you just want a pocket watch lanyard. The midnight blue and distressed brown leather are really really nice. ::popcorn::


    References, praise and stuff like that are available here (towards the end of the post)

    Thank you for looking and thanks to OF for the space :thumbsup:
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  2. BenBagbag Wed. 9:15am

    Super cool! You should post about this excursion in the open watch discussion!
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