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Couple Omega's I've Bought That I Would Like Some Advise On.

  1. Stan The Man

    Stan The Man Nov 20, 2012

    I know very little about Omega's other than I like them and asking questions after their bought makes little sense but they were priced right and it was an impulse buy which I may or may not regret ?
    Is the caseback with Seamaster original to Geneve model's? Info is: 563 ser# 25676596 Case 166.037 Omega icon on mvt.has a 1 in center...Any help dating and value is greatly appreciated.
    The 2nd watch is supposedly 18K but I'll have to find a jeweler to open it up....caseback has no margin for my clumsy hands.There are no markings to be bumper...
    Opened it up,wasn't to 491 19Jewel,not bumper.Ser# 15356658.Case is :
    2898SC .750 There is a Cameo figure above that marking.
    P1070167.JPG P1070166.JPG P1070171.JPG P1070156.JPG P1070158.JPG P1070160.JPG P1070139.JPG P1070143.JPG

    P1070156.JPG P1070158.JPG View attachment 7835 P1070160.JPG View attachment 7837 P1070139.JPG P1070143.JPG
  2. gatorcpa

    gatorcpa ΩF InvestiGator Staff Member Nov 20, 2012

    The first watch may be a marriage of parts from different watches. The Omega Vintage Database ( shows that the caseback 166.(0)037 is correct for a Seamaster watch with caliber 565. Your watch has a caliber 563 movement. There is very little difference between these two movements, so they both would fit inside that case. Also, the dial is for a Geneve model, not a Seamaster. Again, there was a lot of mixing and matching going on at Omega in those days, so anything is possible. This could be 100% factory correct, or a total frankenwatch. I really can't tell and it is not likely that Omega can tell, either.

    The second watch looks to be an early "bumper" automatic Omega. Without a look at the movement and caseback, can't tell you any more.

    Hope this helps,
  3. ulackfocus

    ulackfocus Nov 20, 2012

    There were Genèves with Seamaster case backs form that era, and even with both words on the dial. I think that case reference 166.037 is one of the models that could have one of the 3 permutations (Seamaster, Genève, or Seamaster Genève) with a logo case back. Can't remember what caliber was inside so I'd go with gator's info.