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  1. Fritz

    Fritz genuflects before the mighty quartzophobe Dec 23, 2018

    Knowing that my lovely wife was headed into the washroom to attend to some business I just now liberally sprinkled the entire circumference of the toilet seat with water, I suppose any chance of remaining on the good list just went down said bowl.

    I just don't know what gets into me sometimes!
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  2. kingsrider

    kingsrider Thank you Sir! May I have another? Dec 23, 2018

    I used to work at a restaurant on the beach. We had a pair of binoculars behind the bar for those times when some visual enhancement of the ladies was needed. One day we put copy machine toner on the eye cups of the binoculars. We rushed up to bar and told the bartender that there was a lady he just had to see. Keep in mind that there were abou15 people sitting at his bar. When he put the glasses down he had two perfect black rings around his eyes '00'. The bar went crazy and he had no clue what was going on.
  3. mayankyadav

    mayankyadav Dec 23, 2018

    I got this attached email last week. I kindly replied as - “Dear Lucille Babe, forget about Bitcoins. The supposed nasty clip that you have of mine will be the most you will get from me. Enjoy your christmas watching it.”

    I haven’t gotten any response so far
    Btw this was a very different and a targetted attempt to scam me and extract money from me. The password was indeed correct ( it was some cake/bouquet ordering site where I chose this password).
  4. Taddyangle

    Taddyangle Convicted Invicta Wearer Dec 23, 2018

    We joke around as well.

    On Friday I messaged my son to get an update on his travel, as he takes a shuttle to the airport to get home for holidays. I messaged him, he replied that he overslept and missed shuttle...10 seconds later he messaged jk. He got me.

    I go a little easy on the wife, as we have two colleges aged boys and at times she feels out numbered.

    No way I would do the water on toilet seat trick, at least not when boys are away, but might try it when they are home and then blame it on the son thay pranked me about the shuttle. :)
  5. 1972Steve

    1972Steve Dec 23, 2018

    Couple of years ago I painted my the 8 year old sons fingernails green while he slept. He woke in the morning and thought the Elf on the Shelf did it.
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  6. CVivash

    CVivash Dec 24, 2018


    These type of things aren't as targeted as you might think. When passwords and email addresses are hacked the hacker will often upload them to websites. There are sites with 10s of thousands of email addresses and the associated passwords available to download in text files. A scammer will then compose an email like the one you received and send out many thousands hoping to worry someone as they seem to have personal details that they could only know if the email was true.

    It's still a bulk operation, it's all automated using an email template and files full of thousands of email addresses, the passwords just make it more believable that they know something about you individually. They are working on small percentages.
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