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Chelsea Ships Bells Marine Clock...

  1. Bill Sohne

    Bill Sohne Bill @ ΩF Staff Member Nov 22, 2016

    Hi everyone....

    I recently got this one off of Ebait ....

    sellers dis
    Here comes for your consideration at auction a brass ship's clock that is the epitome of ship clock collecting! This is an early Chelsea Ship Clock with a Tiffany & Co. clock face. The makers mark on the movement and rear of case indicate the serial number is 6167. Dating this clock to 1900 for its production date. It measures 7 1/4" in diameter with a 3 1/4" depth. It has been on a custom Mahogany stand since being removed from its vessel. The stand measures 10 3/4" wide by 11" high and 5 1/2" deep.
    The clock is running on and off and the ship's bells are operational, but it needs a good cleaning. It has been sitting for 50 years.

    Ok so I got the clock about 5 days later...

    Out of the box the strike was not working correctly, totally missing the gong ( coiled spring mounted in the back of the brass case.. I was able to adjust the hammer and that took care of that.

    I then noticed a silver solder repair to the lift spring ( that hold the hammer from striking even number on the bottom of the hour ) . It seems to work correctly so I am not going to muck with that.

    Nest I put the clock back in its case... Noticed the hands were out of sync with the strike... The hour hand is friction fit so you can nudge it to the correct hour.... but the min hand is "keyed" to the pinion so luckly it was off by 180 degrees... a quick flip of the hand and we are in business...

    I wound it up and off she ran and its been over a week now and still going strong ...

    What I really like about this clock ... how great is a he-man clock with a girly name on the dial !!

    Secondly the serial number places it sales to Tiffany & Co NY to Oct 30 1902 ! Thanks to Eric at Chelsea !!

    Good Hunting

    Bill Sohne
    tif12.jpg tif11.jpg tif10.jpg tif9.jpg tif8.jpg tif7.jpg tif6.jpg ti5.jpg tif4.jpg tif3.jpg tif2.jpg cl1.jpg

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  2. Fritz

    Fritz genuflects before the mighty quartzophobe Nov 22, 2016

    Chelsea makes (still) a beautiful clock.

    A friend cleaning out his Mom's house when she moved into an apartment gave me her Chelsea "ships bell" desk clock rather than tossing it out. Its a tacky thing with ship's wheel spokes around it but the darn thing, from 1948, is solid bronze and in great condition. My wife said it was only fit for the bench in the garage until she heard it strike, then suddenly its was a lovely little thing for the living room!

    I understand Chelsea will fix any of their clocks and will even buy old movements for quite a bit of money. Its nice to see something old and traditional still going on after all these years.

    pictures when I get home......
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  3. gatorcpa

    gatorcpa ΩF InvestiGator Staff Member Nov 22, 2016