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  1. Risto Feb 7, 2019

    I couldn't find a similar topic, so I'm starting this one.
    I'm a hobbyist photographer since 2010 and learning videographer. I like the old tech and the new.

    Currently, I have Fuji X-H1 setup for photography and video.
    I'm thinking about getting X-T3 because it's great for video - records 4k60p at 10-bit 4.22 Prores.
    At the moment I'm learning to shoot with Atomos Ninja V.

    I use Fuji X lenses (23/2 and 56/1.2) and vintage M42 lenses:
    Takumar 35/3.5, 50/1.4, 85/1.8.
    Flektogon 35/2.4.
    Pentacon 135/2.8.

    I've also owned a Sony a7r system with magnificent lenses: 55/1.8 Zeiss, Voigtlander 15/4.5, Samyang 135/2. Used this kit to travel in West-Coast USA and shot some nice photos.

    This thread is useless without photos, so...

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