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  1. paschuman

    paschuman Jun 24, 2016

    I have been looking jumbo vintage Omega for a while now and have been researching this Cal 342 bumper. The dial and movement look correct (love the honeycomb dial), my only concern is the case might have been polished.... but I could be wrong on all 3 since this could be my first vintage purchase.

    I am close to pulling the trigger on this watch, but wanted to verify the watch is original and hopefully get an estimate of what is worth. From reading the advice sticky, I understand it is worth overpaying for quality, instead of getting a great deal on something refurbished or a watch that will cost more then it is worth to repair. i just want to make sure the seller is asking a reasonable figure.

    Any advice would greatly appreciated!

    omega 10.jpg omega 11.jpg omega 12.jpg omega 13.jpg omega 14.jpg omega 15.jpg omega 16.jpg
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  2. fjf

    fjf Jun 25, 2016

    Yes, the case looks shiny, but not overpolished. It is clean, with no dirt accumulated in the corners, which usually means it has been polished. But this one does not look bad; the edges are still there, and for a watch this old looks good. How much is the seller asking?. These jumbos are rare.
  3. ConElPueblo

    ConElPueblo Jun 25, 2016

    What is the asking price? Doesn't look too bad.
  4. paschuman

    paschuman Jun 25, 2016

    Seller is asking about $1,400. I was hoping to spend under $1k, but have been searching for a while without any luck.

    My search has not been just for this specific model, I have been looking at all types of vintage omega dress watches 36mm or larger.

    This is by far the best example I have found remotely close to what I was hoping to spend.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Giff2577

    Giff2577 Quick with the tools! Jun 25, 2016

    This looks like a very nice first vintage Omega. I'm a big fan of textured dialed bumpers! The jumbo 2657's are cool but I don't know if the extra few mm's demand a price this high. I was able to find a similar looking 2576 for a fraction of that price however at ~34mm it is under the size you are looking for. image.jpeg
    I would keep hunting as I don't think the example you posted will sell fast at that price. Great taste and good luck in your search!
  6. Pvt-Public

    Pvt-Public Jun 26, 2016

    Just for my own education. Is there a certain size a watch has to be to be called "jumbo"? Is it dependent on manufacturer? Because to me it seems like everything being put out now is "jumbo".
  7. ChrisN

    ChrisN Jun 26, 2016

    I think that modern ladies watches could be classed as Jumbos! All modern watches seem to be huge. When you pass Customs at Heathrow they're advertising a man's 46 mm Breitling. I think you need big wrists to carry that off but, I don't think there is any particular size that justifies the tag.

    Nice 2576. There is a significant difference in size even though it seems like nothing when you think about it. On the left a 36mm bumper and on the right, one at 34mm. You're paying here for the fact that very few were made. They are big for a fifties watch and even for the sixties.
    jumbo and not.jpg

    @Tony C. sold a different Jumbo on here recently and they do command a lot more than a normal size.

    For me, the OPs watch is a bit high in price as it clearly needs a service but I'd say at least $1k as is. Mind you, I've been wrong before about prices....

    Cheers, Chris
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