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Brimfield, MA Flea Market?

  1. agee

    agee May 15, 2015

    I went to a few of the Brimfield, MA Shows this week
    Anyone else go?
    I saw a bunch of vintage Omegas (sorry but I didn't take pictures)-
    Seamasters mainly, a 321 Chrono, and a few others. I did not buy any-
    prices seemed high to me and I was looking mostly for military watches-saw no military Omegas
    Saw a few WWII US military A11's, etc-mainly not working parts watches
    I did miss on a 1950's Elgin canteen watch-it was sold before I had a chance to buy it
    Saw lots of watches- very few military
    A good take in-huge market with people and dealers from all over the world
    Show is also today and tomorrow
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  2. Giff2577

    Giff2577 Quick with the tools! May 16, 2015

    I wish I could have gone. A guy at work was telling me it is a good show to find watches at. I'll have to make the drive next year!