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Breitling resources & questions

  1. S.H.

    S.H. Jul 14, 2019 6:46am

    Hello! :)

    I am doing some research about some Breitling models to prepare a potential WTB/WTT (I have a full set Heuer CS3110 that does not see the outside of the safe, it is a shame to let it rot, I may trade it someday).

    I have found this site :, mostly good for modern references but I'd like to know more about older manual wind Navitimers and aviation models (Venus or Lemania)... I remember there was a good website (in German?) on the 806, can't find it anymore :unsure: . Any good vintage or pre 2000 Breitling resource? Also some details about Sinn models...

    Another question: I have not handled any 806 or equivalent recently. What it the impression on the wrist? Dinner plate? How does its size compare to a straight lug Speedy? I fear a little the 42mm diameter/22mm lugs...