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Autobahn/UG Adventure

  1. sjg22

    sjg22 Nov 24, 2017

    I’ve had a confluence of events that’s provided an opportunity for a mini adventure.

    Event 1 - I’ve been in London for three weeks on business (which also allowed me to attend the awesome Time 4 a Pint gathering this past week - thanks Chris / @tyrantlizardrex )

    Event 2 - My wife was supposed to come and meet me in the UK from Canada for the weekend, but work events on her end have conspired against us. I’m flying back to Canada on Sunday giving me a couple of free days.

    Event 3 - a watch dial I’ve been hunting has popped up near Zurich.

    THE PLAN: a two day, barnstorming German/Swiss mini-road trip.

    Stop 1 this morning - Heathrow airport for an early morning flight to Stuttgart, Germany

    Stop 2 - the Porsche Museum - I love Porsche (although they’re the Rolex sports watches of the car world, so getting further and further out of reach for me). A few of my favourites:

    7DF9CCBD-D8F2-45EA-A700-6DBECE1AA7CE.jpeg 9771DAE1-A659-46B4-8E66-535C6B16F91C.jpeg 7C9F993D-0BD2-4494-A9EC-59141BCD4543.jpeg 7AE67209-83E2-4192-BE1F-D345381C7341.jpeg

    Stop 3 - Porsche Drive Experience - time to pick up my mode of transportation to Switzerland. Porsche offers the opportunity to take pretty much any car from their lineup for between 1 hour and 1 week. I’ve always wanted to drive a 911 where’s it meant to be driven - thundering around Germany! Bad news - they were out of standard 911s. Good news - upgraded for free to the new twin turbo 911 GTS, which sounds like a jungle cat’s roar crossed with something violent.

    FB69983D-902F-4057-83E4-FB4AA0E20EB7.jpeg FCE9DC82-241C-4D71-B0EA-69C4EFE78669.jpeg

    Gratuitous wrist shot to get the thread back on point:


    Stop 4: The Autobahn - A81 heading towards the Swiss border, with its remaining unrestricted speed areas.

    I will neither confirm nor deny that the numbers 2, 5 and 0 may have made an appearance on the speedometer at one quieter stretch of the A81.

    Stop 5: A meet-up with Willi from Swiss Watches and More of Zurich at his weekend home in Konstanz on the German/Swiss border to pick up this:

    A NOS UG Evil Nina dial with correct printed logo to match original equipment for my serial number (as opposed to the earlier applied logo - which Willi also had). To say that Willi has an insane stock of dials is to put it mildly - over espresso prepared by his lovely wife, he showed me an incredible array of NOS dials from Heuer, Enicar, UG, Longines, Excelsior Park and others that he’s acquired over 40 years in the business in Switzerland. Many, many Singer boxes with dials in original wrapping.

    Stop 6: Zurich for the night.
    Beef Tartare, a much needed beer, a stroll through Aldstadt and the Christmas market and preparations for tomorrow.

    Potential stops for tomorrow:
    - Schaffhausen and the IWC museum;
    - the Mercedes-Benz Museum
    - a German beer hall in Stuttgart
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  2. Larry S

    Larry S Color Commentator for the Hyperbole. Nov 24, 2017

    OK ... I thought I was pretty effective at making good use of my business trips! You are the Jedi master!
  3. Nathan1967

    Nathan1967 Nov 24, 2017

    I do love a road trip, especially one that’s just for the sheer hell of it, but wow you just turned it up to 11.

    Great to meet you at T4AP too.

    Oh and the IWC Museum has my vote.

    All the best

  4. sjg22

    sjg22 Nov 24, 2017

    Thanks gents! Perfect combo of things I’m into and things my wife doesn’t really care about so isn’t TOO upset about being left out made this workable.

    The more I talk about meeting old Swiss watch dial dealers in small German towns, the happier she is to be in Toronto.
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  5. ConElPueblo

    ConElPueblo Nov 24, 2017

    Good on you for making this happen!

    "It's only, like, a couple of hours drive away!" - overheard this Tuesday...

    At that time I didn't realise you'd be travelling by Porsche :D
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  6. sjg22

    sjg22 Nov 25, 2017

    Day 2 update:

    Left Zurich, which is a tremendous city albeit insanely expensive on the puny Canadian dollar...

    Stop 1: IWC museum in Schaffhausen
    I’m not an IWC collector, but since it was essentially on the way I stopped in. Glad I did, as it was a nice albeit not overly large museum. If you’re in the area and especially if you’re an IWC aficionado, it’s worth a visit. That said, to me it clearly highlighted the outstanding back catalogue the brand has. My tiny wrists push much of the brand’s modern offerings off the table, but there quite a few old pieces, particularly from the 50’s/60’s that I really liked. A few favourites - forgive the horrible photo quality, the lighting and glass wasn’t conducive to photos:
    80601AC5-C72D-4BF8-845B-22D8EB01E460.jpeg 95C5646F-E8F6-4B2E-A8C5-AFCA9FF54ECC.jpeg 61F67AA7-5F59-4F21-95ED-CD80E7FC62F1.jpeg
    6AA894C8-7985-4617-A23A-963ABF6138D7.jpeg E076E635-E6C9-407C-A4E3-75FB6E1FBAD2.jpeg

    Stop 2: Mercedes-Benz Museum - Stuttgart
    If you’re even remotely into cars, even if you think you’re not into Mercedes, this is absolutely worth a visit. I’d be surprised if there was a better car museum in the world. The fact that their history spans the first car, all types of transportation from city garbage trucks to formula one cars, the classics in their catalogue from every era and their tremendous racing history..... this would be an amazing museum even if they hadn’t clearly spent an un-Godly amount of cash on it.
    Some highlights:
    BF110BC8-D351-44AF-B357-8B2CB1E2CD61.jpeg ECF0CDF5-073A-4128-B9DA-391BF28AD817.jpeg 6A0F3830-586D-4E5F-94C3-351BE94F64BA.jpeg 40B288E2-B385-4734-B68A-4208641C70A9.jpeg 3B33FA8A-6922-42FF-8543-8D006812D656.jpeg 07AEE09C-773D-4F3C-825D-833E8FB1D5A2.jpeg DD284D00-B14B-42A7-A88F-76F5CA76A383.jpeg

    Stop 4: Sad (albeit safe) farewell to a new friend:
    Light traffic today meant I could really wind it up on the A81, with a random Mercedes S600 and Audi R8 for company to clear the way and create a fast moving convoy. The GTS is absolutely the easiest car to handle I’ve ever driven at speed despite its vicious sound. If you’re into Porsche and are around Stuttgart or Berlin where they offer the Drive experience, it absolutely has my recommendation.

    Final Stop: attempting to convince my wife that I didn’t have THAT MUCH FUN without her...
    AD6FC8F1-0DB9-4DAB-9CD5-1ECDAA4E38D3.jpeg 862E8767-4270-49FB-AC0B-45C1BFB36054.jpeg
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  7. CdnWatchDoc

    CdnWatchDoc Nov 25, 2017

    Recall that sjg22 comes from Toronto, Canada, and 2 hrs drive is nothing...many of us do that much and more commuting in heavy traffic in a day. So to have the opportunity to take a fire-breathing dragon out on the Autobahn could be...ORGASMIC!!
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  8. CdnWatchDoc

    CdnWatchDoc Nov 25, 2017

    Great use of free time!! And thanks for the great pics...Now when we go back to Zurich, the IWC museum will be a must!!
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