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  1. Mrbkoo

    Mrbkoo Oct 1, 2013

    Hello everyone,

    My father recently passed down a watch to me that he received as a wedding gift. I have had some difficulty identifying the model of the Omega watch.

    I also would like to restore/service this watch as it has never been serviced before. One of the spring bars is missing and I have had issues changing the date wheel as well.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can assist me in identifying this watch and was also wondering if it would be possible to restore a watch of is age. And if so, what the approximate repair cost would be. I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photos.

  2. gatorcpa

    gatorcpa ΩF InvestiGator Staff Member Oct 1, 2013

    Best I can tell, you have a mid-1970's Omega Seamaster Automatic with a caliber 1020 (or similar) movement. It's rather difficult to do more without having the case reference number from the inside of the caseback. At the time this watch was made, Omega was churning out literally hundreds of deriviative watch models every year.

    This one looks close:

    Omega can fix the watch, but it would likely cost several times the current value. Probably looking at close to US$1,000 or so. An independent watchmaker should be able to do the work for a small fraction of that. A new crystal and gaskets may be a bit problematic due to unusual case style.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Archer

    Archer Omega Qualified Watchmaker Oct 2, 2013

    Crystals are still available from Omega for these, and the hard plastic case back seal is round, so no issues there either.

    Cheers, Al
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