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Anyone know something about Japanese gold hallmarks?

  1. rcs914

    rcs914 Jul 31, 2020

    So I inherited this belt buckle, which I have utterly no information on, other than it is obviously hand made, appears to be mostly solid gold of unknown carat, and is stamped on the back with two Kanji cartouches that I've not been able to identify. It weighs exactly 20.0G total. I am guessing that it is Japanese, but I do not know for certain, and it could be Chinese too.

    I'm hoping that with the amazing breadth of knowledge here, that someone may be able to at least point me in the right direction to track down information on this. It's been in a sock drawer for likely decades at this point.

    IMG_20200731_091500.jpg IMG_20200731_091510.jpg IMG_20200731_091903.jpg IMG_20200731_091940.jpg