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Any time or expertise would be appreciated.

  1. Tlo

    Tlo Aug 9, 2016

    I'm back again with more information. I had an amateur jeweler open the back of case for authenticity, however, he wasn't able to give me an idea of its value. I have an appointment tomorrow with a reputable jeweler who specializes in vintage watches. Here's what I know. 17 jewels on top of movement, recently discovered what that means, omega insignia 484 and finally these #'s:25412535. I8k yellow gold with a bracelet strap.are the #'s considered serial or model reference numbers? I think it dates 67-69. I'm wondering what the collection name is and an estimated Value. I think it's very elegant, however, because I require reading glasses, it's not very practical for me because of the small dial. Thank you.
  2. lillatroll

    lillatroll Aug 9, 2016

    Hello, the 484 number refers to the movement caliber. Typing in the complete second set of numbers comes up with nothing, however google did come up with some images of ladies constellation models when I typed in 2535 and 2541seperately so I guess it is a constellation. Ladies watches don t command great amonts of money, they are of little interest to most collectors. It is worth atleast the value of the gold content. You could do an advanced search on ebay for watches sold to give you a rough idea as to what similar watches have sold for.
  3. novina

    novina Aug 9, 2016

    25412535 looks like a serial number. The information described seems to come off of the movement, not the case back. 25,000,000 serial number range puts it at 1967. A better picture of the dial and perhaps information from the inside of the case back would be needed for proper identification. If the expert opens it again, please write down the numbers on the inside case back. Also include what else is there. Should be Omega triangle, gold stamp with gold content numbers, and model number. If the case was not made by Omega, there will be the case makers name.

    But as a woman's watch, there is not much collector interest. Would be at least worth it weight in gold as mentioned already. It is nice, but I totally understand your issues. Selling this could allow you to buy something more to your needs if that is of your choosing.

    Good luck tomorrow.