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Another Strap review: Atelier Del Sur does it right!

  1. Fons

    Fons Apr 22, 2019

    there is no affiliation of any kind between AtelierDelSur or any other brand and me. I love watch straps and would like to share some of my experiences with the community as a pay back for all the great information I acquired through the years reading this page.
    After many days of surfing the net searching for another strap for my beloved Explorer, I came across Atelier Del Sur, a very comprehensive webpage and easy to navigate leads me to my purchase (Honey Smooth Cafskin).
    Shipping time was quicker than expected, 3 days from day of payment.
    When the package arrived I was immediately surprised of the packaging and branding, in a DHL box well protected and inside a bubble envelope and another box, honestly the content exceed all my expectations, I recently bought a Hodinkee strap and this is in a completely another level of presentation and customer service.


    A hand-written card was included on the box, letting you know that they care about all details, not the average paper envelope or bubble wrap, Ok, I konw I dont need the box but the whole experience is welcomed.


    Now lets talk about the strap. I personally own more than 100 straps from different brands, cheap and expensive, and this is right at the top! In their web page they explain that the whole process is made by one person and no machines are involved, and this is what you get, a 100% handmade strap with outstanding attention to detail.
    The edges are sealed and painted with a contrast brown color and very well finished. Two lines run on every side and they end just before the stitches. The strap is lined with a fine layer of leather, they say its an hypoallergenic vegetal Tanned leather, I don´t have any allergies but it seems a nice touch. The Buckle is very particular, it seems brought back from the 50s or 60s, it´s very very confortable (will probably switch it to my Rolex vintage buckle) but still a nice piece.


    I was worried about fitting it to my Explorer 114270, I know how close the lug holes are to the case and it has eaten many straps before. Via email the guys at Atelier del Sur advised me about using bent spring bars and that fixed the problem, the strap is pretty thin (about 2,2mm).

    Final thoughts:
    I´m very happy with the whole experience, I think the strap is beyond the price point and will probably live on my Explorer for a long time. I have to admit I was a bit reluctant of buying to this brand since its not super known but I think I just found a gema in the open sea.Thanks for taking a time to read my review, I hope it can be in any help and I'm looking forward to read your thoughts.

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  2. gcole

    gcole Jan 17, 2020

    I have purchased 4 of these bands, pouch and a 2 watch case.

    Great quality , very impressed and recommend them highly
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  3. Fons

    Fons Feb 8, 2020

    I just ordered a four watch case, I hope is as good as their straps.