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  1. intron

    intron Jun 7, 2019

    46D1D839-7832-40C7-977E-2425186E6096.png Hi everyone ,

    I posted this earlier in the C case thread, but I think I might get a reply if I start a new thread. Apologies for the redundancy.

    I was excited to get back into watches and pulled the trigger on this auction from Closer0924:

    Upon looking at the images on desktop instead of my phone in the morning I noticed under the general MOY text print test that it was off.

    Now I am unsure if it is a redial or not.

    Everything looks great on the watch. But maybe too good to be true.

    I am seeking your enlightened opinions on this.

    The seller said he thinks it’s original, but to let him know what I would like to do.

    I actually purchased this watch to use instead of another C-case that I almost lost. That particular watch is very sentimental to me since it was my Dads who recently passed away.

    Luckily someone saw it on the ground and asked did anyone lose a watch? Luckily I was still in the area and was able to recover the watch. It was on a deployment clasp and somehow opened. I never new the watch left my wrist.

    After that, I told myself I would get a replacement for daily wear and keep my Dads Connie for special occasions.

    Sorry for the long winded post.

    Any help would be appreciated. If this is against the rules my apologies. Not sure where else to ask. This forum is the most knowledgeable on the internet.
  2. Toishome

    Toishome Jun 7, 2019

    Unless you already bought it you might be a little too late. That said, it didn't look like a redial. Looked like a very decent watch with a nice sharp case. Short of the hands, the rest was great. Don't care for the solid hands on these ::puke::Makes them look so cheap.
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  3. X350 XJR

    X350 XJR Vintage Omega Aficionado Jun 7, 2019

    Looks like a nice clean honest watch.

    The black stick hands are correct for this no lume dial, I quite like them, very elegant.
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  4. Foo2rama

    Foo2rama Keeps his worms in a ball instead of a can. Jun 7, 2019

    What’s up with 12 hour marker?
  5. Peemacgee

    Peemacgee Purrrr-veyor of luxury cat box loungers Jun 8, 2019

    Welcome @intron
    Condolences on the loss of your father.

    Nice case and nice dial (hopefully the oddity at 12 is just a refraction through the crystal)
    C-cases seem to be the Connies that most often don’t meet the MOY test but the dial looks good on yours.

    Since you know about the MOY test I presume you have seen Desmond’s essay on C-cases where he suggests that the slim hands and indices are the quintessential dial design motifs proposed by Genta for the C-case.

    You will need to get your watch serviced before you wear it too often as it has some rotor rub.

    - of course we would like to see pictures of your dad’s Constellation too.
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  6. Spruce

    Spruce Jun 8, 2019

    Nice looking watch at a sensible price
  7. Euxinus

    Euxinus Jun 8, 2019


    Probably parallax from the odd angle

    Edit: could not be tho, I would ask for a better picture of that!
  8. intron

    intron Jun 8, 2019

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for the replies an opinions. Well the new one is on the way. Seller said if I’m unhappy I could return it. So I will check it out. Again I appreciate everyone’s input on this.

    Here is quick shot of my Dad’s Connie that I almost lost. @Peemacgee

    Watch is pretty beat up , and some of the lume dots fell off the dial, but love it. I’m pretty sure I kind of polished it when I first received it a long time ago. I should have left it untouched, but live and learn.

    It keeps excellent time and brings a smile to my face whenever I glance down at it.

    Funny story: When I was a a young kid my Dad said I yanked the crown out and lost it, while playing with the quick date setting. After that it sat in junk drawer for like 20+ years, till i rediscovered it. More on the watch history later.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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  9. intron

    intron Jun 13, 2019

    7BEF2209-D485-4597-9BCC-62E7ECF6E70B.jpeg Update. The watch came in last night and I was able to check it out this morning.

    It’s a stunner. I want to thank everyone here who replied with their thoughts and comments.

    Not sure I can wear it everyday. It seems too nice. Now I need to find a beat up one to wear :)

    The watch seems to run well. Has decent rate and amplitude. But I will still need to get it serviced.

    The 1040 bracelet is very comfortable. I’m not sure if this is the original finish but it is brushed on the topside and high polish along the edge.

    I have had a different 1040 in my possession for 10 years , but I never used it because I could never find the 518 links. Still can’t find any.

    @Foo2rama and @Euxinus : The odd 12 hour marker was just parallax in the image. I examined the marker under a loupe and it looks good.

    Again, thanks everyone.
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  10. DaveK

    DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Jun 13, 2019

    Learning something new every day - for today’s lesson, the MOY test :thumbsup: